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After 565

October 7th, 2010 · No Comments

I’ve come back.

I know I have a portfolio in my future… a big one.  It’ll have a number name too: 590.  So with that in mind and a desire to try to keep things organized, I thought I might make this my hub.  I’ve linked in my original e-portfolio that I did when I started MET about this time last year (long way, baby) and also the blog from one of my current courses: ETEC 540.

I’ve got delicious on my list of things to become familiar with.  That should broaden my sense of better ways to organize, I suppose.  And I’ve started another wiki for another group project.  Looking at the work of others, I can see I still have so much I want to learn & become proficient at, but I don’t think I’m doing too poorly either.  I’m certainly appreciating good aesthetics and layout choices & options.

Oh, and I finished my next painting.  It’s not an original this time, but a copy of August Macke’s Lady in a Green Jacket.  I learned so much by imitating his style in copying this piece.  I love it.

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