Who you should appreciate and hold on to

Valentine’s Day special.  If you’re single, you can reflect about the important people already in your life instead of moping about being single. If you’re in a relationship, this applies to appreciating your significant other.

If you have these people in your life, thank them for being there for you. Thank them for being your friends, family, significant other, your dog, whatever. Repay them by doing the same for them: appreciating them for who they are, supporting them through thick and thin, calling them out on their negative behaviour and push them to better. these people have made you as successful as you are today. Love these people with all your heart.

FIRST :  Those people you let into your life appreciate you exactly as you are.

They’ve seen different sides of you and accept you for you are.  By different sides, I mean they’ve seen you be stressed and ripping paper to shreds in your nervousness, know that sometimes you’d rather be a hermit reading a book at home in fuzzy pyjamas than at that exclusive party, seen you be genuinely ugly (personality-wise) and genuinely excited about something random like  how to save printer ink. They’ve saw past the facade of flawless beauty and brains and social butterfly that you put up to show the outside world and instead see exactly who you are without pretending to be someone that you’re not and they still think you’re a decent human being worth spending time with. Hold on to these precious people who appreciate you for exactly who are and appreciate them for who they are too!

SECOND: They support you.
The second round is that these people are positively supporting you whether passively or actively. They’re there when you cry and double check that no one would be able to notice that you cried before after you both go back out to face whatever or whoever made you feel that way. They’re ones who come up with a solution and go with you to seek help. They’re the ones who are sometimes more concerned about you than you are about yourself.  They come attend your concert even though they’re not really into jazz music. Sometimes they’re not patting you on the back but they’re there for you, waiting, watching, being by your side.They And that means a lot.

THIRD: They tell you’re an awful person when you are.
Third round is that those who really care about you tell you what you’re awful at and what you need to change. Maybe you’re always late or rude to someone else. If you’re genuinely not aware, you need someone to point out these problems to you. If you’re been brushing off dealing with your own flaws, your people tell you to shake you into start changing your unacceptable behaviour.

FOUR: They push you to be better.

They go with you to the gym and push you to try heavier weights. They push you to run faster, take less breaks, eat healthier, sleep more. They push you to go apply for that job, scholarship or program. They push you to face your fears whether you’re afraid of public speaking, or finally sending in that short story you’ve been working on for ages. They push you to become more forgiving or more assertive. They push you to try harder or push you to learn to stress less. Whatever they’re doing, they’re making you a better person.

FIVE: Their friendship/love is unconditional

They’re not only flocking to you when they need help themselves. They’re not only in this to take. They’re also in this friendship/relationship to give. They give even when you can’t give back. They’re not just there to look at your notes, or they thought you were popular, – basically they’re not your friend just to get something from you. So even if you change from that girl who buys lavish birthday and christmas gifts for all her friends and takes them to vacations in her family’s vacation home, they’ll still be your friend. If you shed your old image and become popular with the boys/ladies, your friend isn’t going to be overcome with jealousy and refuse to hang around you anymore. In fact, he/she will probably be very happy for you and try to help you find your other half if you’re looking for one or warn of heartbreak. Through all the changes, they’re your constants.

Should someone in your life do all these for you, be grateful that you have him or her in your life. And be that friend /lover for him or her too!

Love lots. ❤ ❥ ♡ ♥ ღ ɞ

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