Trial and Error with CSS

CSSCSS is the language we use to add style to a webpage—to change the color of a page header or make an image into a page’s background. Learning to write CSS was tricky to say the least—a misplaced comma or switching a colon for a semi-colon made the entire line completely wrong. It was like learning a new language where spelling mistakes caused the entire sentence to mean something else. There was a lot of trial and error (and even more hoping!) that it would work. It was tricky and frustrating, but getting it right and having everything look good was a great feeling.

Learning to take colors and turn them in to numbers and letters was something completely new to me. Every color has a code and that code isn’t necessarily universal to all computers because every computer isn’t calibrated the same way. Finding the right shade in a tiny bar on one computer and thinking it was perfect, only to look at it in a larger scale and finding it all wrong was frustrating; However, it was one of the more fun-frustrating parts of this experience.
Learning to write CSS code and putting it to use is a great skill to have and I like knowing that I can do it. It was challenging, but rewarding.