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On the Move!

The Spark Research Incubator has been home to the UBCO arm of the Victorian Review as well as the LGLC, DMS, and POSA projects since September 2013. The lab has been a wonderful space to get research projects off the

Behind the Scenes: On Being a Research Assistant with the Victorian Reivew

By Reba Ouimet At the beginning of the fourth year of my English Bachelor’s degree at UBC Okanagan, I came across a research assistant position at the Victorian Review by way of a happy coincidence. Over the summer months, I

Your Learn to Code Year

I discussed the Learn to Code Year with my ENGL232/CULT270: Reading Popular Culture class this last week (naturally, thinking through our cultural construction of computing gets me out of bed with a song on my lips, as they say). After

A Chance To Practice: Informational Interviews at Career Days’ Speed-Networking Social

Professionalization is a byword in the lab. Getting started in the world of work can be daunting, until, of course, you understand that every new experience is practice for a future experience. The students who work on Digital Humanities projects

Job Posting: Database Design

Are you interested in developing internet databases for museums and art historical research? The Digital Art History Research Group is seeking an individual with knowledge of database design and software. Tasks will likely include assisting with the design and development

Happy Academic New Year!

There’s lots of buzz in the Spark Lab at the moment.  We’ve got new Research Assistants coming in — keep an eye on the People page for more information about them and their research interests in the coming weeks.  

Reunions All ‘Round: FCCS Faculty and Students at the DHSI

Some of the Spark Lab professors and students hit the road this last week to gather with (600!) other Digital Humanists at the Digital Humanities Summer Institute at the University of Victoria. Karis Shearer, Cole Mash, and Justin Kroeker were

Going to School, Preparing for Work

We talk about professionalization a lot in the Spark lab. A few of the research assistants are engaged in website design and front end development — and everyone is counting down to graduation. Although this blog post about getting the

Community Shout Out: Start-Up Weekend, March 14-16

This is a special post for UBCO students who are interested in getting involved in the community and in honing their business skills, meeting potential mentors, and learning the start-up ropes. One of 400 international Start-up Weekends, the Kelowna weekend


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