Biology Core

In addition to the foundational courses (SCIE 220) and the Capstone these courses are considered core to the sustainability pathway for biology students.  There are many other course offerings that will serve as electives in the concentration.

BIOL 230 (Fundamentals of Introductory Ecology) is required by all students in the Biology program.  It provides them with the foundations of ecological systems, introduces them to ecological data collection/evaluation, as well as applications to environmental systems.

BIOL 416 (Principles of Conservation Biology) addresses the ecological basis of biological diversity conservation and ecosystem services.  It examines the application of ecological theory to global and local conservation problems in the context of economic, legal, political, and social perspectives.

BIOL 420 (3) Ocean Conservation and Sustainability is an interdisciplinary course that takes a solutions-oriented approach to marine issues, drawing from natural sciences, social sciences, business, law, and communication.  It will be taught for the first time 2013w by Dr. Amanda Vincent.

Students in the Sustainability Concentration will likely have an option between BIOL 416 and 420.  An additional course may also be developed to help them integrate what they are learning in third/fourth year in preparation for their capstone year.

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