ANTH 429 Global Health in Cross Cultural Contexts
Includes examination of the social and cultural dimensions of specific life-threatening emerging and re-emerging infectious diseases, the political economy of health, cultural interpretations of illness and healing, medical pluralism, therapy management, and the cultural construction of efficacy.

 HIST 260 Science and Society
An introduction to the historical development, conceptual foundations, and cultural significance of contemporary science. Themes will vary from year to year.
Equivalency: PHIL260

HIST 393 Intro to History and Philosophy of Science
An examination of historical, conceptual, and methodological conditions of scientific knowledge through detailed consideration of important episodes in the history of science.

PSYC 420 Community Psychology
The relationships between social contexts and wellbeing with a focus on disadvantaged populations. Students engage in a community service placement to complement academic learning.
Prerequisite: Either (a) PSYC 300 or (b) PSYC 308 or (c) PSYC 314 or (d) PSYC 319.

SOCI 302A* Ethnic and Racial Inequality (pre-reqs)
A critical examination of classical and contemporary theories and research evidence concerning ethnic and racial inequality at the societal and interpersonal levels.
Prerequisite: SOCI 100.

SOCI 361A*  Social Inequality (pre-reqs)
Tendencies toward equality and inequality; manifestations of inequality (occupation, education, gender, ethnicity, income, power) and their consequences; caste and class features of major stratification systems; theories of social class; stratification profile of contemporary industrial societies.
Prerequisite: SOCI 100.

 SOCI 425A*  Urban Sociology
Demographic, behavioural, and organizational aspects of urban structures and of urbanization in different societies and periods.
Prerequisite: SOCI 100.

WMST 100 Gender, Race, Sex and Power
An overview of feminist debates and theoretical traditions. Credit will be granted for only one of WMST 100 or 101.