CMPC shipping in volume

Posted by: | March 30, 2009 | Comments Off on CMPC shipping in volume

This is of dual importance to me: I’m helping build the Classmate PC interface … and I’m currently doing a project about technology-enhanced learning environments in the developing world.

The CMPC is starting to ship in volume.

Trials are beginning all around the world:

Intel also plans to run Intel-powered classmate PC pilot programs in more than 25 countries this year, including Chile, China, India, Indonesia, Libya, Malaysia, Nigeria, Pakistan, Philippines, Thailand, Turkey and Vietnam. This year, Intel plans for these classmate PCs to be available in such languages as English, Arabic, Simplified Chinese, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Thai and Turkish.

… and I’m trying to get a few off the ground right here in Canada.

Here’s the challenge for educators: now that the hardware is coming … what software or teaching tools (online and offline) are they going to use? That’s primarily what my project is about.


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