Walking down Discovery Avenue,
I am dumbfounded by the avenue,
that is a college education; this oh so glorified education.
The road to scholarly liberation.
Yet is this truly liberation,
If I am perceivably in need of salvation,
Salvation which led my motherland to procrastination;
and poverty; the malnourished child plagued by starvation…

Am I but a dumbfounded youth?
Cascading through these undulating truths;
Lost in the sound of maroon leaves,
and cold feel as the summer leaves.
The cold feel that is winter’s presence,
marked by hot chocolate & spine chilling breeze.
I wallow in this university centred adversity,
perplexed by animosity and academic controversy.
I traverse the Okanagan in search of serenity.
What Serenity?! Am I a lost cause? Am I…?
… hope is my only escape,
I only hope it can save me.

– Nene Azu

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