Why Train a Dog?

Even though dogs have been domesticated for thousands of years, they still require basic training so that they learn how to behave how to respond appropriately with their surroundings. Despite domestication, dogs remain pack animals, and require a leader (the dog-owner) to teach them which behaviours are acceptable and which behaviours are not.

Training is necessary for all dogs and is beneficial to the owner (family), and community:

  • Training strengthens the owner-dog relationship
  • Increases the enjoyment, companionship and satisfaction of being a dog owner
  • Ensures your dog’s safety
  • Ensures the safety of the people and objects that your dog will interact with
  • Corrects, limits, and potentially eliminates undesired and problematic behaviours


Below is a list off the most frequently reported undesirable behaviours provided by Blackwell et al. (2008) that can be corrected with training:

  1. Jumping at owners
  2. Pawing or demanding attention
  3. Excitable with visitors
  4. Pulling on the lead
  5. Following owner around the house
  6. Fearful response to noise
  7. Barking or whining when owner is in the house
  8. Excitable when out of the house
  9. Aggression to other dogs when on a walk
  10. Not coming back when called for a walk

Jumping up at owners: The most common undesirable behaviour


Below is a list provided by Blackwell et al (2008) of common problematic behaviours that can be corrected with training

  1. Aggression toward family members
  2. House soil when owner is home
  3. Chew/destroy things when the owner is out
  4. Steal food
  5. Chase things (i.e. cars, bikes, people)
  6. Undesirable response to familiar people
  7. Aggression when told off
  8. Aggression to other dogs when out on a walk
  9. House soil when owner is out of the house
  10. Aggression to other dogs in same house

Chew/destroy things when owner is out: The third most common problematic behaviour


If you or someone you know has made the decision to become a dog owner, it is crucial that the responsibility of dog training becomes a priority. Uncorrected problematic behaviours are common causes of dogs being abandoned, sent to re-homing centers, or euthanized

A dog in a animal shelter. According to the Humane Society of the United States, animal shelters in the United States care for 6-8 million dogs every year, of whom 3-4 million are euthanized


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