Unit 4. Showcase your progress

Dear Reader,

As the main assignment of Unit 4, I created Web folio that contains almost all the materials prepared throughout the course as well as some additional resources that introduce my progress during ENGL 301. One more additional function of the created Web folio is to represent my works, which include application package for prospective employees. The short time-frame for this assignment was the main challenging, as creating Web folio demanded attention, a bit of creativity to present your qualifications for readers in the best way.

Before ENGL 301 I have not worked much with on-line resources for job searching and definitely never prepared electronic portfolio such as Web folio. I chose to convert the previously created UBC blog page into Web folio. For this were organized additional headers and folds that contain my resume, link to LinkedIn page, application package. Organization of Web folio took me more time and effort than I expected. One possible reason for this is a big amount of information that I included in Web folio, and the second reason is that I just started to work with an electronic portfolio. Nevertheless, performing this assignment was quite enthusiastic and informative, as it opened me another way of showcasing my qualifications and skills.

Overall, as I realized during the process of creating and including materials into Web folio, it is a powerful and applicative tool for demonstrating scholar progress which I can use during the process of job application. I am strongly sure that I will add additional works to my Web Folio and expandit with new courses that I will take. Therefore, as many other assignments in the course creating Web folio is very beneficial, because of its practical side for using in future career development.

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