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Self visualization techniques are good for self growth: learn from David Michigan

Imagine being in a restaurant where the waitress asks you whether you want dessert and describes what they have as day’s special. The very discretion makes your mouth water, right? If it does, you must know that this is how visualization works. Therapists, professionals and lifestyle coaches have been using visualization techniques for a long time now. David Michigan, the famous motivational speaker and lifestyle wellness coach advocates hypnosis, self-hypnosis and visualization for self-growth.

David Michigan has over 5 million followers on Facebook and Instagram and is widely known for training people mentally with his motivational speeches. He has also helped participants in Miss Tattoo France and will soon do the same for Miss Tattoo World. He has been a model and actor too and he can connect with people very easily. It is this quality that has helped him become successful.

Self-visualization help us in achieving our goals. Here are 5 steps that will help you in self-visualization.

  1. Go to a peaceful place: Go to a corner where you can be at peace with yourself. Better still create a corner for yourself. Adorn it with trees or flowers if you like. You can also keep family photographs that might help trigger happy thoughts.
  2. Think about your goals: Life can not be without purpose. Think about your long term goals. Think how achieving these goals will help you increase your self-esteem, make you a better person for your friends and family or help you attain a better health. When you know your answer it will be easier for you to visualize it.
  3. Induce happy thoughts: Self-visualization is used not just for self-growth or to increase self-esteem. It is a great technique to relieve stress and decrease negativity in life. When visualizing your future goals and dreams also, do not forget to think of the relationships that bring joy to your life. Think of the peace and fulfillment that you feel when you see your kids or spouse happy.
  4. Keep the happy thoughts in mind: Do the self-visualization exercise early in the morning and carry the happy thoughts and vibes in your mind for the rest of the day. When you start your day in a positive note, it stays with you for the rest of the day and helps you be more productive at work. When you are stressed out for any reason, think of the positive thoughts and how they made you feel.
  5. Take help from a lifestyle coach: Someone like David Michigan will be able to help you in this journey of self-visualization. If you are completely stressed out and need someone to hold your hand, get help from a therapist or wellness Through various techniques like self-hypnosis and hypnosis they can help you be more positive in your outlook and be a better person in life.