Considerations To Make When Applying For A Student Visa

Visiting a new place of interest habitually when free makes life more interesting and enjoyable. It all starts by having all the necessary travel requirements in order. One thing that should be in a traveler’s pocket checklist is a tourist visa. This is an essential document that proves that an individual is allowed to enter a specific country for a specified length of time and to do a specific thing, such as to study, work, or tour.

It is usually not difficult to apply for a visa. A tourist can opt for a regular visa or go for an e-visa. Although an e-visa is the easiest to get, it is only valid for a short period of time. A tourist should at all times abide by the requirements of applying for a visa. When applying for a travel visa, there is a lot to keep in mind all the time.

Important Things to Consider While Applying For a Visa

Meet the application requirements

It is common knowledge that an applicant has to understand all the requirements of applying for a visa. However, many people fail to keep this in mind. While applying for a visa, the applicant has to provide all the necessary documents at once. One has to make sure his or her passport is valid, bring a passport size photograph and a visa fee receipt, among many other crucial documents. He or she should also make sure the documents are well organized to save more time.

Mind every detail

While applying for a visa, the applicant should at all times put every detail into consideration. This is possible if the applicant reads every guideline provided in the application form. Don’t rebel or slack off if asked to provide personal details on the form.

Submit authentic documents

It is a crime to submit fake documents. Any doctored documents will not be accepted by authorities and the applicant may end up in police custody. When an applicant submits doctored or fake documents, chances are that the visa will be denied.

Beware of scammers

While applying for a tourist visa, it is wise to beware of fake visa scammers and agents. The online market is full of scammers and an applicant should visit only genuine sites that are known for providing trustworthy services. Most of these fake visa agents offer their services at exorbitant rates claiming that they will process and get a travelers visa approved in a single day.

There are a number of reasons why an applicant’s visa may be denied. They include:

  • Being unprepared
  • Applying for the wrong visa
  • Providing incorrect details
  • Being overly confident during visa application interview
  • Being disrespectful to the interviewer and
  • Ineffective communication

There is no need to get nervous when applying for a visa. One should be honest and precise. An applicant should always answer the questions asked and provide the right documents. If one is applying for a visa online, it is wise to be wary of fraudulent websites and agents who trick applicants and run away with their money. It is wise to also seek recommendations from friends or colleagues who have applied for visas before. Always go for a tourist visa processing agent who offers his or her services at a budget-friendly cost.

Which version of Microsoft Office is right for students?

Microsoft Office is a fantastic software package that has enabled individuals and organizations across the globe to complete various projects in an organized fashion. If you have ever used Microsoft Office, you have certainly realized its unwavering flexibility and usefulness.

There are several different versions of Microsoft Office to choose from.

  • Microsoft Office 365 Home
  • Microsoft Office 365 Personal
  • Microsoft Office 365 University
  • Microsoft Office 2016 Home and Student
  • Microsoft Office 2016 Home and Business
  • Microsoft Office 2016 Professional

Naturally, each of the different versions of Microsoft Office that are currently available have various pros and cons associated with them. Furthermore, each of these versions has a different cost level associated it—the more features you are hoping to have access to, the more money you will inevitably end up paying. The good news is that finding Discounted Versions of Microsoft Office is simple. The first step is to identify how much you are willing to spend, your personal goals and the number of devices you will need to use.

Microsoft Office 365 Home

All of the versions of Microsoft Office 365 are compatible with any version of Windows that is 7 or later (as well as Mac OS X 10.10 or later). Office 365 Home is great for families because it is compatible on up to 5 different devices. It includes Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Publisher, and several other programs.

Microsoft Office 365 Personal

Microsoft Office 365 Personal is basically the same as Office 365 Home, but, as the name might imply, can only be used on one computer and one tablet or device. Though it doesn’t have the inclusive benefits that Office 365 Home can offer, it is much more affordable. For many people, Office 365 Personal can provide them with exactly what they need.

Microsoft Office 365 University

Microsoft Office 365 University was designed to cater to college students who are looking to save money. It offers all of the same programs as Office 365 Personal, but can be used on twice as many devices. If you are a college student with a roommate, friend, or anybody else that you know, ‘splitting’ an Office 365 University subscription costs noticeably less than buying Office 365 Personal on your own.

Microsoft Office 2016 Home and Student

Microsoft Office 2016 Home and Student is another version of Microsoft Office that was designed to specifically cater to the needs of college students. College students are typically in the uniquely unfortunate position of having extensive software needs but also looking to save a lot of money. Office 2016 Home and Student seeks to be the source of salvation that many of these students have been looking for.

Office 2016 Home and Student features the most recent versions of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote. Each of these programs are notable improvements on previous versions and have been praised for their unique ability to cater to modern technology requirements.

This new version of Microsoft Office is designed to save all data to the cloud. This can be particularly useful for individuals who are changing computers frequently, travelling, or trying to collaborate with others. The collaborative features of Office 2016 Home and Student are perfect for group projects yet are still able to stay within the limited budget of the typical college student.

Microsoft Office 2016 Home and Business

Microsoft Office 2016 Home and Business is very comparable to the version that is designed for students, though a bit more expensive and a bit more expansive. The Home and Business version of Office was specifically designed with working professionals in mind.

While it still features all of the same great programs that can be found in the student version (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote), it also features the newest version of Microsoft Outlook. Outlook is a critically important organization tool that allows you to easily organize your contacts, keep track of your busy schedule, and also collaborate with colleagues on various tasks.

When combined with the usefulness and adaptability of the Microsoft Cloud, it is clear that the newest version of Microsoft Office may be the greatest edition to ever be developed.

Microsoft Office 2016 Professional

Lastly, Microsoft Office 2016 Professional is perhaps the most extensive of all of the 2016 versions. Office 2016 Professional features all of the aforementioned programs that can be found in Home and Business, but additionally includes updated versions of Publisher and Access. These programs can help expand your creative possibilities and are particularly useful for working professionals.

What is the difference between Microsoft Office 365 and Microsoft Office 2016? 

In the status quo, both Microsoft Office 365 and Microsoft Office 2016 may often seem as if they are indistinguishable. But the important distinction that needs to be made is that while Microsoft Office 2016 will eventually require you to renew it or purchase upgrades, Microsoft Office 365 is always up to date.

As the ways in which software is used have continued to change over time, many people have been switching to Microsoft Office 365. Though it can often be more expensive than the alternative editions of Microsoft Office, the fact that it is constantly updating can offer both individuals and organizations a major competitive advantage in the long-run.

How do I know which version of Microsoft Office is right for me? 

Ultimately, there is no single version of Microsoft Office that can be universally deemed to be ‘the best’. The version that will ultimately be in your individual best interest to purchase will depend on a variety of different conditions.

  • What am I going to be using Microsoft Office to accomplish?
  • How long am I going to need to be using Microsoft Office?
  • How many computers and devices will I need to be using?
  • Is it important to me to continually be upgrading?
  • What are the programs I am most likely to use? What are the programs I know that I will never use?
  • Am I going to be changing computers in the near future?
  • What is my current budget for software purchases?
  • Are there any unique discounts or ways I can save on software available?

Once you have read over this brief guide and answered these questions, hopefully you can be pointed in the right direction. There are several different ways you can save on software over time, and—depending on what your needs and goals may be—any of these different versions of Microsoft Office may be exactly what you have been looking for.

Taking an educational website to market

In the educational sector, two of the most important things to consider when you promote your educational website are credibility and visibility. Credibility ensures that your material is reliable and authentic. Visibility ensures that your material can be seen by your target audience. In order the latter covered, you need to know how to market your site. Here are a few things you need to include in your marketing strategy:

SEO Strategy

The first thing that you have to consider is an SEO strategy. SEO is extremely important because people look for credible source materials every day. When searching for materials, people don’t really spend time looking through all the pages in Google. They usually only check the results in the first page. This is why you need to get your website a good ranking.

To improve your search engine rank, employ some good SEO strategies on your site. Some include good keyword research, meta data, and quality content. You may also hire an SEO consultancy like Over the Top SEO to boost your SEO campaign.

Social Media

Social media happens to be one of the most effective platforms to market educational content. While Instagram or Twitter may not be too applicable to educational sites, Facebook and Youtube are. Having a popular Facebook page that gives fresh content and links can drive more traffic. Also, posting educational videos related to your website on Youtube is good for exposure. You just have to make sure you manage your platforms well, so you can maximize their promise.

Print Media

While some people say that print media is already dead, it is still very much applicable in the educational world. However, your print media must have a digital counterpart. For example, journal articles are no longer in just print form. You can find PDFs of different journal articles on the web. If your website contains journals and studies, put them in PDF format for downloading.

Testimonials and Other Creds

Getting credibility is one of the most important things in the educational sector. If your website was mentioned by a school or a research team, it automatically gains a lot of creds. You may also consider testimonials as creds. Testimonials from students or educators are signs of good credibility.

When you have a good set of creds, make sure that you flash them in your website. Make them as visible as possible so that people can get a good first impression. They can serve as effective marketing tools.


When you want to market your website, these are some of the aspects to add in your marketing plan. In the digital age, there are a lot of things to take note of. Even though the internet is a very effective platform, you have to know how to use it well. In the educational sector, the internet is one of the most powerful tools that you can use. Through the use of websites, SEO, social media, and other means, you can gain both exposure and credibility for your educational website.

Clever research hacks for busy students

Research is always the longest part of any project. Today there is so much information online, even knowing some of the best places to look can still feel like a trip down the rabbit hole, and with the mounting pressures faced by students, it’s hardly surprising many feel daunted by the workload involved in crafting an A grade essay or assignment.

But there are a few research hacks that can save you time and help you write better papers.

Set a time limit for research

A general rule of thumb should be splitting your time in half. While you might want to gather some additional sources after you’ve started writing a draft, you should be doing the bulk of your research before you start writing. Setting a time limit is also useful because it helps you think about how you’ll write your paper and start structuring your writing goals. Scientists have proven that taking time to think about how you’ll study helps improve your grades and your mental health.

Don’t waste time reading old research (unless it’s really relevant)

There’s something to be said about the relevance of recent research. While it might always be worth reading Habermas or Freud, not everything stays relevant. Unless your project specifically calls for earlier data, choosing sources written within the last few years is always a safe bet. Try to look for papers and journal articles published within the last three to five years, and avoid statistics from studies released a decade ago, they’re probably already out of date.

See how an expert would write it

If you know you’re going to be writing on the topic multiple times and want original perspectives and different points of view to draw on, then investing in a custom paper produced by a paper writing service can be a fantastic source of both information and inspiration. The people who work for these services are usually industry professionals or former academics with a solid understanding of the audience you’ll be writing for, and the requirements of an academic paper. This can be a real boon in terms of helping develop an engaging and authoritative tone in your own writing, and it also may provide you with a bibliography of fresh research to look into or compare your current reference list against.

Start using Google Scholar

Despite having been around since 2004, a lot of students have never heard of it. Google Scholar is a powerful source for accessing research beyond the databases your college or university subscribe to. Google’s search is much more intuitive than a lot of scientific or industry specific databases, making it easier to use unique search terms and find broader results. Although not all of articles indexed on Google Scholar are free to read it’s still a clever way to find specific articles for your essay or project, and your university library may be able to help you gain access to them, if they don’t have them already.

Repaying student loans

The corporate world is now yours to explore! It’s now time to earn your own money now that you got out fresh from the hurdles of college. Ideally, this should be the case for most college graduates. But one of the obstacles that would keep you from being financially free following graduation is your student loan. So if you are into stock investment or planning to venture into it, these tips will help you.

According to this scholarships database, student loans are money granted to college students which usually incur interest based on the affordable student loan rates dictated by the government. Most student loans do not need to be settled until one has graduated college.

Here are few foolproof ways to quickly repay your student loans and start your way to financial freedom as a young professional:

Graduate from the school called “debt”

If you had done all means to finally graduate successfully from college, make the most of your efforts to also graduate from the school called “debt”! Your goal must be to align your energy towards repaying all debts in the shortest period of time. Do the simple math: the longer the loan settlement period, the larger the interest will be.

Treat your student loan like your college course: the sooner you get out of it, the higher your chances of succeeding in life. If you can, make larger payments to cut the principal amount quickly. Remember, the lesser the principal amount, the lesser base onto which your interest rates will apply.

Invest in stocks

Another way to force you into quickly paying off your student loans is to invest in stocks. The stock market has been a profitable industry lately, and you can normally expect a lot of people willing to invest some money into the trade. Share prices, such as the Next share price, are expected to increase in the next few years. So if you’re looking for a long-term investment to repay your loans, investing in stocks is one way to do it.

Put your wallet on a diet

Nothing beats budgeting. Wise budgeting simply means putting your wallet on diet. Just like how you try to put your body’s food intake on a diet, it is important to remember that budgeting is simply planning ahead where your money should go when it arrives on your palms.

Start with the shortest possible budget. You can create a weekly plan on how to spend your money. Prioritize paying off your student loans, most especially those that incur the largest interest payments. Commit to spending less on things you do not need.

Hit the ground running

Essentially, it is better to supplement your wise budgeting with getting sidelines along with your main job. Side gigs are merely created opportunities that you will wish to grab as long as they are there. Be it in any form, shapes and sizes, as long as it is legal, sidelines will help augment your monthly income and help you increase your payments for student loans. Not only will these sidelines help you financially, it will also develop your other skill sets.  

Self visualization techniques are good for self growth: learn from David Michigan

Imagine being in a restaurant where the waitress asks you whether you want dessert and describes what they have as day’s special. The very discretion makes your mouth water, right? If it does, you must know that this is how visualization works. Therapists, professionals and lifestyle coaches have been using visualization techniques for a long time now. David Michigan, the famous motivational speaker and lifestyle wellness coach advocates hypnosis, self-hypnosis and visualization for self-growth.

David Michigan has over 5 million followers on Facebook and Instagram and is widely known for training people mentally with his motivational speeches. He has also helped participants in Miss Tattoo France and will soon do the same for Miss Tattoo World. He has been a model and actor too and he can connect with people very easily. It is this quality that has helped him become successful.

Self-visualization help us in achieving our goals. Here are 5 steps that will help you in self-visualization.

  1. Go to a peaceful place: Go to a corner where you can be at peace with yourself. Better still create a corner for yourself. Adorn it with trees or flowers if you like. You can also keep family photographs that might help trigger happy thoughts.
  2. Think about your goals: Life can not be without purpose. Think about your long term goals. Think how achieving these goals will help you increase your self-esteem, make you a better person for your friends and family or help you attain a better health. When you know your answer it will be easier for you to visualize it.
  3. Induce happy thoughts: Self-visualization is used not just for self-growth or to increase self-esteem. It is a great technique to relieve stress and decrease negativity in life. When visualizing your future goals and dreams also, do not forget to think of the relationships that bring joy to your life. Think of the peace and fulfillment that you feel when you see your kids or spouse happy.
  4. Keep the happy thoughts in mind: Do the self-visualization exercise early in the morning and carry the happy thoughts and vibes in your mind for the rest of the day. When you start your day in a positive note, it stays with you for the rest of the day and helps you be more productive at work. When you are stressed out for any reason, think of the positive thoughts and how they made you feel.
  5. Take help from a lifestyle coach: Someone like David Michigan will be able to help you in this journey of self-visualization. If you are completely stressed out and need someone to hold your hand, get help from a therapist or wellness Through various techniques like self-hypnosis and hypnosis they can help you be more positive in your outlook and be a better person in life.

The Importance of Education

It might seem like a no-brainer that education prepares individuals to be integrated into society as a contributing member and society give much stock to education, believing those who have gone through it to be more refined or civilized. One’s accomplishments are a distinction between classes; a farmer’s boy very rarely has the insights of a well-traveled and knowledgeable mind.

However, there are also certain things to consider aside from seeming well bred. Education is passing on necessary knowledge, from simply surviving to absolutely thriving. There are pockets of civilization scattered in undeveloped areas who do not understand even the importance of hygiene, leading to many health problems. According to UNICEF, “nearly five children die every hour due to poor hygiene conditions” in Tanzania alone.

This is why many organizations flock to third world countries in an attempt to impart knowledge to the natives of the land. It is an effort not only to give those who are less privileged a chance at a more comfortable life, it is also important on a global scale.

The mentality that we should not care about what happens elsewhere is a fool’s errand; the world is connected and ‘elsewhere’ is part of the same planet. Overpopulation, pollution, and by-products of an underdeveloped country affect the entire ecosystem.

During industrial times, smog and soot caused many to perish in London. However, thanks to the emerging technologies that used cleaner energies, the crisis was rectified. While pollution is still an on-going problem, scientists and innovators are hard at work in an attempt to reduce greenhouse emissions through environmentally friendly motor vehicles.

This is why it is important that stellar education reaches every corner of the world. Rather than sending the least proficient or skilled teachers, what these struggling societies need is the best to catch up with the rest. It is rather futile to combat one problem when just across the ocean; new developments are arising with the same problems that we faced in the past. As the proverb goes: a wise man learns from his mistakes, but an even wiser man learns from the mistakes of others. It is our responsibility not to allow the errors of history to be repeated.

On the flip side, education nowadays has become much segregated, but widely available thanks to technology. It has enabled volunteers to take a flight to underprivileged areas and educating the people in regards to staying clean, filtering water and even farming.

The internet has become a more effective teacher in developed countries. One of the problems in education is associated with an excessive amount of homework, leading students often seeking help outside their educational establishments from an assignment expert. Cyberspace has changed the landscape of achieving information and every user is limited only by their imagination, interest, and dedication.

It allows individuals to shape new perspectives and learning how to make informed and intellectual opinions. The world would not be so diluted with information if that was not the case and education also allows for people to weed out what is misinformation or blatant lies. Remedying ignorance with credible information is the only way for human growth as a whole.

Why E-learning is Becoming Increasingly Popular

Online learning (or e-learning) has now become a popular way of learning a wide range of disciplines. Online courses are available to anyone with adequate access to the Internet and the right motivation to follow their passions. The rise in the popularity of online course solutions cannot be explained without concluding that they actually provide advantages and values that traditional learning institutions do not provide. The benefits of online learning can be summarized into the three following findings:   

Students learn more

According to a study from IBM, students that pursue online courses learn five times more materials than students who follow traditional methods of face-to-face learning. A major advantage of the online learning is that students can determine the learning pace by themselves. Overall, students studying online are more motivated to work through the stages of an online course than they are in other classical forms of learning. The higher degree of freedom enabled by online education means that students can progress more rapidly in the stages covering the areas they feel most comfortable with while they can choose to pause more in other online chapters that require a more in-depth learning.     

It requires a low time investment

The substantial time the traditional face-to-face courses require has turned them into unwise solutions when compared with online courses. In the later learning solutions, students do not have to wait for other students to physically arrive at a certain point in order for them to start the learning process. Also, there is no need to travel in and around the town in order to be present for certain classes or to meet with class tutors. A report from Brandon Hall that considered online learning within companies concluded that this form of learning required about 40-60 percent less employee time than its traditional counterpart. Online courses are more time efficient also during the stages of material learning. Managing the required time to master the materials offered by the course is easier online than it is in a classroom setting since the decision on when to study rests in the hands of the students.

High retention rates

Traditional course providers have significant difficulties in retaining students throughout the entire length of the course. This has not been an issue with online learning. In fact, according to a finding from the Research Institute of America (as reported by Forbes), online courses have increased student retention rates by 25 to 60 percent. This is remarkable when compared with the retention rates of only 8 to 10 percent reported in offline learning or training. The reasons for high rates of retention in e-learning can be explained by the less cases of classes clashing with other engagements and more control on how students choose to study the selected materials.

Quality over quantity

Despite the previously mentioned benefits, online courses have still a lot to improve in terms of quality and human capital gains. Furthermore, the e-learning market is so plentiful with online courses offering that it makes it very competitive. The only way for online courses to remain attractive is to differentiate themselves from other offerings. In addition, online courses such as online certified scrum product owner training are opening up new and disruptive e-learning opportunities. Software giants such as IBM are also revolutionizing the field with courses such as IBM’s Big Data University. Yet, it is up to the aspiring students to decide on their own way of learning.    

5 ways to get free assignment help at UBC

We’ve all been there, the due date on that assignment is getting closer, and you’re still staring at a blank page. There’s no need to suffer the existential dread of looming deadlines on your own. Don’t be afraid to reach out and ask for help if you’re struggling with a project, or even just trying to understand a certain concept. Instead try one of these 5 free ways to get some help with your assignments.

Form a Study Group

One of the most obvious ways to get some free help on your assignment is to form a study group with your class mates. Now days, with apps like Socratic, or online communities like Cramster, you can even study together from the comfort of your bedroom (no need to hang out in the library for your whole Saturday afternoon.) Having the additional perspective and input of your peers can help you see things you might have otherwise missed, and they can serve as a second pair of eyes for editing too. 

Ask an expert online

Sometimes you need help from someone who’s a full bottle on your topic. Luckily there are plenty of services that let you ask an expert for help online, so you don’t even have to close that word document. Websites such as Quora, Fluther and Stack Exchange all provide a great place to get both general and specific advice about any topic, but there are also websites specific to academic studies, like PrestoExperts, where you can submit your question to experts trained in a particular field like law or medicine.

Sign up for some On-Campus Tutoring or get a Mentor

On-Campus tutoring or mentoring are some great ways to get additional help and guidance on your assignments from your peers or professors. Joining a tutoring group or finding a mentor in your area of study can offer help across all your studies, not just one particular class or assignment. While on-campus tutoring or mentoring might be a little more formal in structure and expectations than an informal study group, you still reap a lot of the benefits of social learning.

Check out example assignments for inspiration

A little bit of extra inspiration can go a long what when you’re writing a paper or putting the finishing touches on a critique. There are plenty of websites, like, where people post their essays and assignments for others to read over and draw from. There are also organizations and groups dedicated to providing sample essays on a wide range of topics. Just remember to paraphrase, not plagiarize, and avoid the use of custom essay writing services.

Ask your librarian for help

Many public and academic libraries now offer an online homework help or ask a librarian service. These platforms let you speak directly with a librarian, in real-time, to get direction and assistance on your assignment. A librarian can not only direct you to the best places for your research, they can also answer your referencing questions, something that will definitely come in handy once you finish writing everything down.

Creating an Effective and Comprehensive Lesson Plan

In any field, planning is the initial step when looking to identify a course of action that can lead to the realization of goals and objectives. For teachers, the development of an effective lesson plan, which is a detailed description of a teacher’s course of instruction for a particular lesson, is critical for the realization of learning objectives. Lesson plans not only communicate what is to be learned, but also outline how assessments will occur, helping the instructor to organize content, time, material, assistance, and instructional strategies for the classroom. This article discusses some important considerations in the creation of an effective lesson plan.

In general, a good lesson plan starts with the determination of the topic, from which the lesson objectives and desired results are derived. The topic must be specific – i.e. it should not just be “mathematics”, but rather a sub-discipline of mathematics like algebra help, arithmetic, and so on. Here, the objectives imply the skills and knowledge that learners are expected to gain from and use upon the conclusion of the lesson. Developing clear objectives is important for effective instruction as they guide the teacher in planning the instructional activities and strategies, including the resources and materials that will support learning. To communicate to learners what is expected of them during the lesson, objectives must be specific, measurable, outcome-based, and must be shared in an accessible manner.

A critical factor in developing an effective lesson plan is the consideration of student needs and interests, especially since research shows that students have varied learning styles. As the teacher plans the lesson, it is important to consider whom the students will respond to instruction and whether the students will engage with the material. As different students learn differently, consider how you can embed technology and learning tools to optimize student learning and helping them with their path to college. Perhaps they are better taught via group activities, instruction videos, or one-on-one tutoring.

Embedding technology is another important element of effective lesson planning. Whether you are teaching students algebra or how to write an essay from scratch. Technology, in one form or another has always been an integral component of the learning and teaching environment. Here technology forms part of the professional toolbox of the teacher, from which the teacher selects the resources to facilitate learning. When choosing the right technological applications, critical considerations include not only the different learning styles of the students but also the available resources and lesson duration. Effective teachers think critically about how much time they have available for introducing new material and technology, and about what resources they can access to help in introducing the material. For certain course material, it may be justified spending significant time up front, while others are better internalized through practice, and may not need prolonged introductions.

The important role played by technology in education affords teachers a chance to create lesson plans with learning experiences in mind. As such, it is important that technology is not just used for technology’s sake, but rather to appropriately embed technology by drawing upon and expertise. Recommendations include excluding information and activities that are not directly connected to schema construction and identifying the complexity of learning materials and experience of the learners. When designing the lesson plan, consider the age of the students, links to the curriculum, the instructional content and whether the technology is engaging and interactive. Weighing these considerations will ensure that the lesson plan meets not only the needs of the instructional material but also those of the students and the teacher.