Making the Most of Bali, the Island Paradise

Known all over the world for its fun-loving culture, beautiful landscapes, and kind people, Bali is one of those places that effortlessly steals a piece of the heart of anyone who goes there. Literally a little island paradise, Bali is like something out of a storybook; with lush forests, stunning coastlines, top diving spots, rich history, and vibrant culture, this is one of the world’s most beloved travel destinations, and it is not difficult to see why.

The world is full of many wondrous destinations, all of them with their own unique quirks, sights, and experiences to be had. There is a reason that this infamous holiday destination is so hugely popular year in and year out…but you should go and experience it for yourself. When you go to Bali (or anywhere in the world, really), there are three key ideas that you should ideally stick to. Everything outside of these three main points rarely matters.

Roll your clothes, make more room

It all starts with the bags. When you are packing for Bali, try rolling each piece of clothing instead of folding them as usual. The idea is that, in rolling your clothing into your bags, you make more room to add in those extra pairs of shoes or underwear. This packing technique is especially handy when you are coming back from your trip in Bali.

I say this because Bali is one of those destinations that is abundant with markets at which you can purchase various beautiful handmade items. You will want to take things back home with you, so you best have the room to do so.

Explore the highlights of Bali

When travelling, one of the biggest reasons to land on a specific destination is the photos you have seen floating around social media, as well as through word of mouth. Bali is a visually stunning destination, and the whole world knows it. With a near-constant influx of tourists (especially during peak season), Bali tends to be an island that constantly bustles with life, even down little alleyways and well into the early hours of the morning.

Make time to see the highlights, but try to visit them throughout the week – as with anywhere else in the world, the tourist attractions are most crowded on the weekends, and can make for an unpleasant experience.

…But venture off the beaten track, too

From the Balinese forest to the stunning sunsets by the beach, Bali truly is an island paradise. While the ‘must-dos’ that pepper the island and its surrounding waters (snorkelling, anyone?) are hugely popular for obvious reasons.

Taking a scooter out of the main town to explore the surrounding forests and areas of Bali’s central cities is almost certain to guarantee you a unique experience – even if that unique experience is just getting to ride through the mountains all day in the sun with your loved ones. The highlights are wonderful, but the hidden gems you will find if you break away from the norm are stunning, and often make for the best adventures and the best stories.