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Everyone should be in favor of furthering education

From the young age of five years old, students are put into a professional academic learning environment that is supposed to set them to achieve great things in life. Mainly, a general professional academic education should prepare students for a higher education institution. College and universities are the final academic preparation step in having students learn about their field before applying their skills to the job. Because monetary values is how humans survive, working is necessary for most people. The new societal narrative claims that going to school and getting an education, sometimes with the help of SolutionInn, will allow students the opportunity to better themselves and their career to make more money.

This type of preparation for some students starts very young in a daycare setting or some type of child development center. For these students they may enter into a learning environment from the time they are infant. For others, they meet up with these students in kindergarten. After going through a primary and secondary education, students must decide what they want in adulthood. For some students, they may pick to pursue a higher education at a college or university. For others, they may pick a career that involves going to technical school or a two-year program. All jobs and careers are important, but in order to pursue a higher education degree, it involved a lifetime of preparation with good grades, a clean record, and a mindset that thrives off a passion for school and a serious dedication for class work.

Those with a bachelor’s degree or higher tend to make more money per year than those with just a high school diploma. Although a degree is not required for all jobs, it is necessary for many professional fields. Some jobs even require that the employees have a master’s degree in their subject area before obtaining the job. The people who claim education is worthless for society often never got the opportunity to get a proper education and therefore are reluctant to approve the idea of going to college when it costs money and a student does have the opportunity to work fresh out of high school. Working through college can be extremely tough on the student because school itself is a full time job while adding more work on top of that can lead to exhaustion of the student. For many students, they have no choice, they must work through school to make ends meet.

College does cost money, but some students see the end value to means. Although it may be a difficult and tiring ride while hustling to get a degree, in the end knowing that you worked extremely hard can make it all worth it. It’s not often that the education narrative includes the naysayers of education, but it does unfortunately happen. Education is the only fight against ignorance. Education promotes research and research discovers the innovations that help advance humanity on the global level. Education should always be promoted and never talked down upon. For those hesitant to get an education, it is generally because someone has told them it isn’t worth it, but it is always worth it.