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EdTech rising as popular avenue for careers in technology

Technology and digitalisation have more than done their part for revolutionising the world and our modern societal values. The education sector is one of the industries that has been most profoundly impacted by the rise and steady increase of technological disruption. Completely changing and strengthening the education sector, technology has been so widely utilised now that career interest in the field is positively soaring. This is not necessarily unexpected, but it has been more profoundly felt far sooner than first anticipated. Students going through the education system currently – as well as all future generations of learners – are technologically efficient, something that past generations have not necessarily been on such a complete scale. As such, education needed a change.

With such a constantly active community that thrives on communication, honesty, and genuine assistance, EdTech (education technology) is fast becoming one of the most popular career choices for those individuals who have specific interest in technologies. From the code that balances devices, platforms, and other innovations of EdTech, to the implementation in the education industry, the process has been both exciting and overwhelming, to say the least. EdTech is all about making things easier, and using code and digitalisation to do just that. In this new era, this technology is making considerable headway, proving its value all the time.

Education is, historically speaking, a traditionally-inclined industry. As such, the pull for educators and the whole sector to be accepting of EdTech innovations was slow – at least, it was in the beginning. It made sense. The traditional ways of education were not technically broken, after all. educators were concerned that EdTech would spell the end of their career path. Alas, the concerns were proven to be unnecessary. In the last two years, EdTech investments have risen astronomically, breathing new life into an industry that, quite frankly, was falling behind the times. Education woke up just in time, too.

With current – and all future – generations being more technologically efficient (and even dependent) than ever before, they did not just want tech included in their learning experience, they positively expected it. Now, with constant innovations in EdTech, they always will. If anything, the reliance will only grow and expand more. This is the way of the world, and individuals with interest in tech career fields have noted the profound impact and further scope of potential in EdTech, and have reacted accordingly.

More people than ever are working in career fields with specific focus on these types of technologies. Why would they not? Education is one industry that is going to be around no matter what changes occur elsewhere and for any reason, and with the world being increasingly technologically advanced, forging a career in something as profoundly positive as EdTech is not just smart, it is a stroke of modern genius. We will always endeavour to learn, to better ourselves, but there is nothing wrong with allowing technology to make the academic process easier and more efficient.