Meet the Team


Presidential Suite

Natasha Bussanich (She/Her) – Co-President

4th Year – Business (Specialization in accounting)

From a young age, mental health has been extremely important and heavily valued in my family. My mom works in a mental illness related career and has been able to share knowledge in maintaining a positive mental health. I have realized how relevant and critical mental health is, however there still exists stigma and I am excited to help eliminate this amongst our community. As a member of MHAC, I look forward to starting conversations about mental health while creating a safe environment for everyone!
Devanshi Gupta (She/Her) – Co-President

4th Year – Faculty of Arts – Psychology 

Through my personal and professional experiences, I have learnt the strong value of mental health in our daily life. Personally, mental health is about being self aware and listening to my needs. This helps me take care of myself and deal effectively with stress and anxiety.

Treasury & Sponsorship Committee

Amrit Maniani (He/Him)  –  VP Finance

5th Year – Faculty of Science – Microbiology and Immunology 

Mental health to me means opening up and having a non-judgmental space and support network to share your emotions with. Many people aren’t able to talk to someone when they are emotionally struggling due to the fear of being stigmatized. By being a part of MHAC, I hope to help break down these barriers and create a community that shows the power of being vulnerable and compassionate.

Ella Davidson – BA, Psychology – 2nd year

Maggie Chan – BSc, Biology – 4th year

Internal Committee

Lauren Caswell  (She/Her/Hers) – VP Internal

3rd Year – Faculty of Arts -Psychology 

Typically, when one considers mental health, a range of psychological disorders may come to mind. However, contrary to popular belief, mental health is a component of each individual’s general well-being. Mental health affects how we feel, and how we interact with others, and how we cope through adversity and stress. Just as one routinely visits their healthcare practitioner to maintain their physical health, each individual should be encouraged to actively pursue activities that have a positive impact on their mental health.

Events Committee

Cole Cussanelli (He/Him/His) – Co-VP Events

2nd Year – Faculty of Arts – Teaching

Mental health means everything to me as it affects every aspect of our lives; not just emotionally but physically, psychologically and socially. Coming out of a season of isolation, I really feel that mental health needs to be de-stigmatized and part of our everyday conversations because it’s obvious if someone isn’t doing well physically but mentally it isn’t as transparent.

Erika Stadnichuk (She/Her/Hers) Co-VP Events

4rd Year – Faculty of Arts – Psychology

To me, mental health is the mind’s way of communicating and expressing itself. It influences how I feel, think and act every day. And just like we take care of our bodies and physical health, our mind and mental health, too, needs to be properly cared for. Although the conversation is just getting started, I’m appreciative of all efforts to destigmatize mental health and normalize this part of ourselves we all have.

Trisha Saini – BCom – 2nd year

Karman Kang – BCom – 2nd year

Bhavisha Sewani – BCom – 3rd year

Sarah Azad Manjiri – BA, Psychology – 2nd year

Marketing Committee

Maheep Chawla – BA, Psychology – 4th year

Renata Morones – BA, Psychology – 5th year

Amara Camacho – BA, Psychology – 2nd year


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