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Scholarship Workshop for Sociology Grad Students

The GSCS is hosting our first student led seminar for the year on Tuesday September 20th, 9:30-11, in room 2107.
The focus of the seminar will be “Writing a winning scholarship application”.  This is a great opportunity for students to get tips from fellowship winners within the Department, and to get feedback on your application.
The workshop will be divided in two parts: for the first 45 minutes, graduate students who have been successful at award competitions will share their experience applying for large awards, and their tips on how to write a strong application. In the 2nd half of the workshop, we will work together in small groups to workshop each other’s paper and give each other feedback to strengthen our applications.
If you are applying for funding: Bring two copies of your draft application to get feedback from you fellow students.
If you already have funding: Bring copies of your successful application (if you are willing to share) and any ideas and tips for your fellow students.

CV drafting workshop + Sojourners

On March 31, the department is hosting a CV drafting dorkshop for all Sociology Grad students. Prof. Dawn Currie will be facilitating this workshop, and lunch (pizza!) will be served.

The workshop is happening from 12:00-1:30 in ANSO 2107.

If you would like to attend, please RSVP to Kristin at this email and bring TWO COPIES of your current CV to the workshop.

Issue #3 of Sojourners, the undergraduate journal of sociology at UBC, is coming out soon! The journal is $5 if you pre-order it, which you can do by emailing the editor here.

We have a Springboards session today! :)

Presentation on comp exams

For those who could not attend this weeks’s Springboards on Comprehensive Exams, Dr. David Tindall has kindly agreed to share the presentation he gave. It contains an overview of what comps look like and what you should be thinking about as you move forward with your own exams.

You can download the Powerpoint file here.

SSHRC tips

Click here to download the SSHRC tips that Kerry kindly agreed to share with us yesterday at Springboards.

Good luck to everyone who’s finishing up their application for the deadline next week!