PinPointing: A New Brand of Pinterest?

As a frequent user of Pinterest, the mention of a possible shopping aid caught my attention. Zappos is currently test-driving a new companion tool called PinPointing, to be used jointly with Pinterest. The concept is simple: PinPointing will recommend differing Zappos products to the user as they Pin boards on Pinterest.

The idea bring presented has definite potential—it is true that when using Pinterest, it is very difficult to shop a certain product because its sources are not often clear. PinPointing bases its recommendations on specific images, which has been seen before, so the major features here are that it is a tool made specifically for Pinterest users. Zappos’ basic idea is good, but the tool needs refining—recommendations are often broad. Being able to target what the user is specifically looking for and then providing a range of options would be much more effective than having only one or two of the ten recommendations match the customer’s needs.

If the tool is refined however, it could quickly become very popular. There is evident demand for a Pinterest shopping tool. PinPointing’s brand association with Pinterest is already a huge plus. Benefits are clear: quicker and easier shopping from Pinterest inspirations and finds. PinPointing just needs to redefine or maybe emphasize the features it offers so that it can be better marketed to the users.

Source– Test Drive: Zappos introduces PinPointing, a Pinterest Shopping Companion Tool -The New York Times

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