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Welcome to your Rocks and Minerals Toolkit! This resource is brought to you by the UBC Faculty of Education and the UBC Teaching and Learning Enhancement Fund (TLEF). The kit seamlessly blends online and physical components to highlight place-based learning in science while invoking curiosity about the natural world we live in. 

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The resources are designed to support teachers by incorporating technology into the classroom through using real artefacts and Virtual Reality (VR) activities. The toolkit can be used to complement lessons, as a series of stand-alone activities, for quick demonstrations or even homework activities. Every activity has British Columbia curriculum connections, detailed teacher and student guides, online resources, and much more. The digital resources are accessible by anyone, while the physical artefacts are only for use by Teacher Candidates in the UBC Faculty of Education. We encourage creative use of these resources and we hope that the activities in it will open doors to science explorations for elementary and secondary students.


Please read this before using the resources.

Naming convention: Geology Toolkit (GT), Activity (A#), grade, teacher/student (T/S). For example: GT_A1_1-2_S is the first activity for students in grades 1 and 2.


Activity title Teacher guide Student guide Online resources
1.0 Rocks everywhere GT_A1_K-1_T GT_A1_K-1_S
2.0 Classify This! GT_A2_2-9_T GT_A2_2-3_S
Streak Test
Streak Test Video
3.0 Rock Story GT_A3_2-6_T GT_A3_2-4_S


4.0 Rock Cycle GT_A4_4-7_T GT_A4_4-7_S
5.0 Rock Detective GT_A5_2-9_T GT_A5_2-9_S
6.0 Rock Types GT_A6_6-9_T GT_A6_2-9_S
7.0 VR Rocks: Columns of the Giants! GT_A7_6-11_T GT_A7_6-11_S
8.0 Virtual Google Geology Tours GT_A8a_6-12_T


There is no student version for this activity

We hope this collection of activities will inspire some young geologists and spark their enthusiasm for science.

Brought to you by: the Research Group of Dr. Marina Milner-Bolotin at the Department of Curriculum and Pedagogy at UBC Faculty of Education:

Acknowledgements: We acknowledge the generous support of the UBC Teaching and Learning Enhancement Fund.