National Geographic

National Geographic has some of the latest and most spectacular VR 360 videos on earth science, environmental science, astronomy, and geology.

National Geographic

First in line was the first 3D VR in space entitled, One Strange Rock.  It’s a thrilling video about the life of astronauts in International Space Station (ISS). Watch it as astronauts and filmmakers share behind the scenes stories during the creation of the movie.

Second, it has YouTube compilations of 360 degree videos and Online Courses for teachers and educators alike.

The YouTube videos range from the deepest part of the oceans up to the highest part of outer space. Search and explore and you’ll find something that will fit your interest

The Online Courses feature curriculum that introduces global climate change in your classroom or a geo-inquiry process that connects to your teaching practices.

Thirdly, which is ulitmately not the last, it features the fundamental of explanations on something – something that is highly meaningful but concise and cogent. It starts with a title Subject__ then “101”, e.g. Rainforest 101.