Important things to talk about with your roomies!

Getting to know one another in the unit:

Where are you from?
What is your family like?
What is your major? What led you to choose that? What is your schedule like?
What else are you involved in?
Is this your first time living in residence, or have you lived elsewhere?
Do you have household items you’d like to share with the unit?

Setting common expectations for all unit members:

How will we rotate household chores?
How will we define clean?
How do we feel about common space inside the unit – how can it be used?
What about storing personal items in common areas? Is anything off limits?
What about noise – how loud is too loud?
How do we feel about parties in the unit?
Can we commit to locking doors?

Study habits:

What time do you study?
When and for how long do you usually study?

Is it ok to drink alcohol in our unit?

What items are you comfortable sharing?  What would you prefer not to be borrowed or used?
What costs will we share?  Do you prefer to be asked before someone borrows something?

How do you feel about having overnight guests?  How long is it OK for a guest to stay?

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