De-stress: Get Hot and Heavy

by Jeremy Hole, Gage Senior Residence Advisor

Imagine yourself in a room at 37⁰C. Your breath is slow, deep and rhythmic. Your heart is beating readily as sweat drips from your every pore. You feel relaxed, at ease, not thinking about all the papers and exams that are still ahead of you.

For all of those that are not familiar, I’d like to introduce you to the art of hot yoga.  Hot yoga is a great healthy way to relax the mind and body while still getting a healthy workout.  During this exam season, it is important to stay level headed and healthy without going too insane from all the stress.

Yoga alone is a great way to relax and focus the mind, but when you combine this fine craft with toasty warmth of a hot yoga studio, the experience is even more rewarding. The main difference between the two types of yoga is that hot yoga is done in a room 16-19 degrees warmer than the average room. This environment allows your body to detoxify and flush toxins from your skin. Exercising in a hot environment has also been proven to be a great way to elevate your heart rate and get a solid workout.

Besides the immense satisfaction you get from leaving the studio felling refreshed and rejuvenated, is that anyone can do it. There is never any pressure to do every pose, so if you ever feel like you need to take a breather you can always just lie down and rest.

So now that you’re all pumped up to try hot yoga, we would love to have you come out and give it a try. Suite Adventures is host a beginner hot yoga class at Moksha Yoga studio on W 4th December 10th at 12:00. Send us an email at for more information, or talk to your residence advisor.

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