Have ALL of the essentials!

by Katherine, Residence Advisor

Spring is upon us. Which unfortunately for Vancouver means a whole other season of rain and maybe the vail threat of snow here and there. But lucky for you students this means the end of term is upon us and summer is near! So here is a list of absolute essentials to get you through the last month of class and those looming April exams.

On Spring

  1. Rainboots: Which by this point is kind of a given here at UBC, but if you have not bought your pair just yet you will definitely want to pick some up. They don’t have to be super expensive either, just make sure they are durable and prepared to take on those slush-filled sidewalks. You’re only going to need them for a few more months but by the time fall rolls back around, you’ll thank me.
  2. Umbrella: Another given. But lately I’ve been seeing the sad remains of umbrella skeletons littering the outside of Gage, so again make sure to buy something that’s going to last. I’d recommend buying an umbrella at Roots. They are good quality AND if it breaks there’s a warranty, so you can just take it back to the store with the receipt and you will have umbrellas for life!

On Fun

  1. Block Party ticket: This year, UBC’s hosting Mother Mother and MSTRKRFT at the Fifth Annual AMS Block Party. I’m already driving my roommates insane by listening to Mother Mother on repeat in anticipation. Tickets are at the Outpost in the SUB!
  2. Really good shoes: Watching those first summer sunsets down at Wreck Beach might be one of the sweetest parts about the end of the year, but consider that long trek up those stairs and what’s on your feet. And with the last Pit night of the year ahead of us, that means line-ups, and long ones at that. Ladies, those heels will only get you so far so save your toes with foldable flats.

On Residence

  1. Boxes: Leaving rez? Now’s a good time to hunt around for boxes. Check your local Starbucks a couple times a week – they go through hundreds in a month alone that just get recycled.
  2. Skype: You’ll want to keep in touch with roommates over the summer! Or will you? This one might be a subjective essential.

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