What it Means To Travel The Road Less Traveled

By Farah Surani, Residence Advisor

Decisions; Opportunities; Dilemmas; Prospects; Chances; Crossroads; Choices; Selections; …..

Often times we find ourselves taking certain tracks, routes, pathways; that may or may not lead us to the same outcome. It’s almost like we know ourselves too well to know the decisions that we’re about to make, the turns that we’re about to take while walking to class, the roads that we’re about to travel. The choices that we make, and the unexplored opportunities left behind, all shape the experiences we gather.

What does it mean to travel the road less traveled?

Doing the same things in a way you haven’t before. Doing different things in different ways. Taking opportunities you normally wouldn’t. Stepping on stones you never have.

Life gives us all these words – Decisions; Opportunities; Crossroads; etc – to explore and to take us on different journeys. Yet, we often take these words for granted. Many times, I’ve found myself doing the norm; following the majority just because it feels like the safest path. Or maybe it’s because I know if it wasn’t the safest, at least I wasn’t alone, that we’re all in it together. But how is my story different than theirs? Have I truly “lived life to the fullest”?

A cliché we all often hear, but one that I have recently come to listen – we only live once. So take chances and risks, grasps opportunities you normally wouldn’t, make speeches and contacts out of your comfort zones. Do something new every day. Because different experiences shape us, and because I don’t know how many of us believe in reincarnation.

What a shame to not be able to travel both roads of a diversion.

So try the road less traveled.


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