Spring, the Season of Allergies

Spring, the Season of Allergies

AHHHHH the good ole spring season is back and there’s only a month of school left! If you’re an individual who suffers from allergies (like me), Spring is definitely a eye itching time of the year. With the weather becoming warmer and cherry blossoms are blooming, there comes a price for those who are a tad more sensitive to certain allergens.

Here’s a few ways to conquer this lovely season:

  1. Allergy Medications

Some individuals may not be too fond of medications, like myself, however these babies do wonders. When I am desperate and feeling really sick from allergy symptoms, an intake of them really clears up my sinuses. If you are against medications, then I would not recommend this option

  1. Clean your room

Don’t let the dust bunnies accumulate on your drawer tops and desks. Keeping tidy and clean will help reduce itchy eyes and sneezes. I try to clean and vacuum once a week to prevent any accumulation of dusts.

  1. Omega 3

Though Omega 3 does not really prevent your allergy symptoms from happening, they do promote a healthy immune symptom. Be sure to learn more about omega fatty acids as it is nutrition week!



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