I’ve been reading a few open letters lately about some friends expressing their challenges with their mental health, and this inspired me to share a bit about myself in terms of health and wellness. It’s refreshing to re-realize that despite of our differences, there are many similarities we keep shielded from most people that we meet in our daily lives. In this post, I want you all to know that whatever you may be facing, you are not alone—if you need to talk, any Residence Advisor will be happy to listen and be there for you, even if they aren’t your RA. Whether it’s something you’ve been battling for a long time or just a sudden onset of blues, I want to let you know that every person and issue matters.

Here are two things that I find helpful in whatever situation you are in: 1) self-acceptance and 2) be empowered, not victimized

  • Acceptance

I believe part of being healthy is being able to tune in with yourself and accept that you are OK just the way you from the moment you were born to the present day. That you are OK going through stormy days or anxious times or being unsure. Or rather, even being OK with not being OK; knowing that it’s perfectly human to be in denial, to be emotional, to feel weak, and to make the same mistakes. Being OK with the feeling that you might’ve been a bad person. Don’t feel ashamed if you get anxious when you are around people.

Our body is unique in machinery, and although mental health is sometimes harder to see physically, it is just as important. For example, having depression doesn’t mean anything is wrong with you; it’s like having asthma or high blood pressure. There are many people you can go to and treatment you can seek if you need. Accept yourself for being you.

  • Be empowered, not the victim

This is said than done. It’s sad that there are some situations where you are the victim, entirely, and if so the way I’d like you to approach this statement is despite what had happened/has happened, today you can be empowered to make the best of your existing situation. That doesn’t mean your situation would necessarily be great, but it’s still better. In other situations, even if the other person is 99% at fault and you are 1%, focus on what you can do. Feeling empowered and not victimized is something I’d encourage everyone to incorporate in something as serious as their life or moral motto. The truth about life is that perhaps the only thing we can exert some sort of control over is our attitude. Your actions might not always turn out to give you the desired result, but you can sleep much easier knowing the best you can. Even if you didn’t have a healthy, empowered mindset yesterday, you can choose to start today. Changes take a while to set it, but never, ever, ever give up on yourself.


As a final note, there are a lot of things in life that you have no control over. The one and only thing you do have control over is to accept your past and the attitude that you bring every day. If the day’s going to suck no matter what, why not try to make it better. If your day already rocks, why not enjoy it and keep it this way. It’s not easy, but your mental wellbeing should be one of your top priorities, no matter how busy life is.

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