Stress management through health fitness

Stress management through health fitness

Often times in the height of exam season we, as students, neglect our mental and physical care. We’ve all done it. 

In my experience, the best way to combat this is from achievable goal setting. Although it seems as if there is no time, we can always make time for ourselves. In my experience setting easy goals has had a positive impact on my mental and physical health overall. I have had a boost of confidence and energy in almost everything I do.

Some examples of attainable goals:

—> set time aside to go to the aquatic centre drop ins

—> take advantage of the free gym in the basement of the aquatic centre

—> use that bird coop membership you paid for back in January

—> eat more fibre (rolled oats, celery)

—> cut up all your veggies for the week

—> avoid take out/ make your own lunch

—> when its sunny out: get outside!

—> go to bed 15 minutes earlier


– Carrie 

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