Drunk on Farmade

Aside: The title of this post is based on how ‘Farmade’ and ‘Gatorade’ rhyme with each other. I did not actually get drunk at the event.

Farmade was exciting for two reasons:

1. Having never been to UBC Farm before, this was a reason for me to visit.

2. I finally get to explore beyond the confines of the main campus, where all of my classes take place.

Although the journey there was a thirty minute walk, my surroundings were as entertaining as buildings and roads can be. There was the Greek Village, where frat boys were preparing for a party that night. It’s rather fitting that Panhellenic House, the building hosting the sororities, neighbours the living quarters of fraternities. It must make the ‘Walk of Shame’ the following morning much more convenient.

Following the bright signs, I strolled through the Wesbrook Village and found myself in an empty pavilion. Seeing no more signs, I had the irrational thought that the event had been cancelled, and that my arduous trek had been for nothing. Realizing life is a meaningless affair with the prospect of encroaching darkness being the only constant, I fell to my knees, arms outstretched towards this sky hoping for a sign… a sign… A SIGN.

A few meters away from me, taped to a pole, was an inconspicuous poster fluttering innocently in the wind. I dusted myself off and followed the string of arrows until I heard country music blaring from beyond the trees. However, contrary to the cowboy wannabes and bad Western accents I was expecting to find, I stumbled upon a community of individuals dedicated to sustainability with regards to everything from food to energy. Eating my low-impact, locally sourced hamburger, I strolled from booth to booth, admiring the achievements and ideas of the different student organizations.

Overall, Farmade was an unforgettable experience that gave me a chance to explore the UBC campus, as well as enlightened me to the modern concepts of farming beyond just tilling the fields.

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