AMS BBQ or Ongoing Construction?

As the second week of university draws to a close, the only incentives preventing me from dropping out to become a shepherd in the Himalayans are the free events happening all over campus. This, of course, includes trial classes sponsored by UBC Rec, which will hopefully prevent me from dying a premature death from eating too many bowls of ramen. Today, after a hectic week of work (I may or may not blog about this later) and classes, I went to alleviate my stress through Cycle Yoga, which is exactly what suburban moms go to between PTA meetings. After sitting through an introduction to limits in Math (What happened to Calculus being a pre-requisite???), I was ready to be challenged.

Indeed, the class was intense. I only sweat when the temperature goes above 30°C, but, after spinning (riding a stationary bike) for thirty minutes, my body was a storm cloud in Sri Lanka during the wet season before global warming ruined everything. Maybe it was the fact that the last time I exercised was in July, or maybe it was just muscle atrophy from sitting in class all day, but my thighs were burning by the end of the session. I had certainly burned enough calories to warrant eating a hamburger.

Speaking of mysterious meat squished between bread, the AMS BBQ is tomorrow.

When Hailee Steinfeld sang, “I didn’t know that I was starving ’til I tasted you,” she was certainly referring to hotdogs (or something with a similar shape to a hotdog). Walking from the Recreation Centre, I saw a multitude of misshapen tents and awkwardly placed fencing outside the Nest. At first, I thought nothing of it, considering the prevalence of construction all over campus. Upon closer consideration, however, I realized that the mysterious people were preparing for the BBQ happening tomorrow. From how the AMS events have gone so far, I’m certain that the event will be fantastic.

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