Exciting Changes for Next Year

An article outlining exciting changes for UBC-WKTEP next year appeared in several West Kootenay newspapers this past week. The changes, focusing on getting teacher candidates into schools and classrooms far more regularly, is introduced by UBC advisor to WKTEP, Linda Farr Darling, and supported by local districts. Check out one version of the article in the Nelson Star.

Destination Imagination

Many thanks go to the UBC-WKTEP students who took time during their busy practicum to act as judges for the West Kootenay Regional Destination Imagination Tournament on Saturday, Mar. 8 at Rosemont Elementary School in Nelson. Our teacher candidates were able to watch groups of elementary and secondary students solve complex problems and show their thinking in varied and creative ways as part of this international competition. Many of these young students will go on to the provincial competition later this month in Richmond. Thanks to co-coordinator Brent Cross, Vice-Principal at L.V. Rogers Secondary School in Nelson for the invitation to take part.