I saw a lot of things in the water that makes me really … It’s scary but, I do my best to help my community, and this island Federai. Make them understand what we’re doing this, so … but our community here on Federai, they really … They really give us help, too, so they wanted our culture to be back. What I see in the water, we have not enough fish in our reef, so … By the way, this is the one that, this is the thing that … I appreciate Nicole [Crane, with One People One Reef] to show us to do them, and then they have fish coming back to our reef. ‘Cause right now, we’ll probably … in the future maybe, we’ll be out of fish if we don’t consider to conserve our fish in Ulithi and here on Federai.

After the typhoon, how did the reef look?

After this typhoon Maysak that pass over Asor, when I go back to the water, we go survey the water and the reef and the fish, and I see a lot of things that change. Some of the reefs were messed up with the typhoon Maysak, and some was still alive and some was … I don’t know if they’re still going to come back or not, so … That’s why we have this project [referring to the One People One Reef project], so it can help us and our community to be supporting the reef and the fish.

So by the way, maybe … these kids going to grow up and then they can have much fish that, you know, maybe much more fish better than now, that we’ve been trying to bring it back, some of the fish that we can.

Do you think there will be more typhoons? 

I don’t know, but … this is the typhoon that I ever seen in my whole life that’s really strong, so. I was really much in the … when I go in the water and then I look at the reef, some of them are broke down from the typhoon, so I don’t know … either they’re going to bring back the reef, or, I don’t know. But I’m interested for this project.

Do you mostly eat fish?

Us over here in Ulithi, we mostly eat fish. That’s our original food that we have in the water. I was saying that this is our icebox. This is the only place that we can get the meat, the fish.