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PhD done!

I have successfully defended my PhD thesis! Now after a few more edits, I have uploaded my thesis to UBC’s circle (collection of theses and dissertations). You can find the link to my thesis HERE.

journal article – Lingering on Aoki’s bridge

My technotheology article finally comes out. From the Journal of Curriculum Theorizing. Here’s the abstract:

Ted Tetsuo Aoki (1919-2012) was a Japanese-Canadian educator who spoke compellingly against the technological-instrumental implementation of curriculum found within the business-consumer model of education. In his greater mission of understanding curriculum and instruction, Aoki has tried new modes of interpretation, seeing curriculum as currere, praxis, ideology, as plan, as lived. One possibility implied in Aoki’s work is inhabiting the space in-between materiality and spirituality, more specifically between technology and theology. As Aoki might ask: how we can linger on the bridge between technology and theology? The purpose of using the bridge metaphor, is to discern lines of movement in Aoki’s writings which bridges technology and theology. We are asked to pause, delay ourselves in true conversations and discern Aoki as a possible curricular techno-theologian. Within this reconceptualization, we may understand the way Aoki’s curricular possibilities allow us to dwell in a technological world which does not default into instrumentalization. Link below.

Lingering on Aoki’s bridge: Conceptualizing Ted Aoki as Curricular Technotheologian


Hacking Minds

Almost done the edits for an upcoming chapter (co-authored with my supervisor, Stephen Petrina), titled, Hacking Minds: Curriculum Mentis, Noosphere, Internet, Matrix, Web in the book Hacking Education in a Digital Age: Teacher Education, Curriculum, and Literacies (Editors: Nicholas Ng-A-Fook, Sarah Pratt, Bryan Smith, and Linda Radford)

You can find our current draft HERE.