4 responses to “A green future?

  1. So, this is completely irrelevant, but just wanted to say, excellent video choice with the Broken Bells. SUCH a good song – so glad James Mercer is still going after The Shins.

    Anyways, carry on 🙂

  2. @ davidblog: you uncovered my stealthy plan: draw them in with music that’s better than your writing;)

  3. Very interesting, I would actually like to see one of those TED talks. Hopefully geothermal technology will advance quickly within the next few years. I was lured in to read this post because of the Broken Bells song, Danger Mouse is a genius.

  4. Great article about how sustainability and green energy is so mainstream now with the help of famous individuals and popular media. It’s certainly true that countries/companies are competing to find the next energy source and moving away from reliance on fossil fuels. This can be clearly seen in the introduction of new car models from various car manufacturers to move towards greener alternatives as the demand of such cars are rising. The implementation of charing people for plastic bags at many stores also promotes the change towards a more sustainable environment. How our choices/actions are affecting the environment is definitely becoming a much more tangible topic compared to years ago.