Many smart phones these days come equipped with voice recorders, cameras, and video cameras, not to mention a million other fun distractions. So, you might already have all the equipment you need for SCIE 300 in the palm of your hands.

But, just in case, we’ve also arranged a couple places where you can sign out equipment.


The Science Centre for Teaching and Learning [map]
Faculty of Science Dean’s Office
Biosciences Building Room 1505
Contact: Michele Jayasinha; jayasinha [at]; 604-822-3336

Skylight has a long list of equipment you can borrow, but you must book equipment with Michele in advance. There are two video cameras that will be most useful to you:

  • Canon ZR-200 Mini DV Camcorder [Canon quick start guide]
  • Sanyo CG-10 (this one isn’t listed in the above list, but they’ve got one) [Sanyo quick start guide]

Tripods are also available, so be sure to grab one of those at the same time if you need one (again — remember to book it in advance). You can also borrow an external microphone if you would like better sound quality.

Skylight also has a few digital voice recorders you can borrow.

Eric’s Office

The Centre for Teaching, Learning and Technology has been kind enough to loan us three Flipcams for use during the term. [Flip Mino HD Instructions]

Please arrange to borrow one of these through Eric (Biosciences Room 3000). There is tripod that accompanies each of these cameras. [map]

If there is anything else you need in terms of equipment, let us know.  We might be able to hook you up if we have enough notice.

Please remember that the focus of your audio and video work should be the content, not the technical aspects of creating audio and video pieces. We are not expecting award-winning sound effects, lighting, cinematography, or direction in your podcasts and videos, so please don’t spend time trying to perfect the technical aspects since they carry far less weight in the grading.