Diamonds are the cure to cancer???

Source:Chemical and Engineering News

Cancer treatment research is ever evolving and according to an article in Voice of America it seems like nanodiamonds maybe the result of all this new research. Nanodiamonds are tiny particles of carbon that are just a couple of nanometers in size and there are hopes that they will make cancer drugs more effective and decrease the use of chemotherapy.

According to Dean Ho at the Northwestern University, nanodiamonds attract water which allows it to bind to anti-cancer drugs. This is a very important property because generally tumors reject the drugs, but when they are attached to nanodiamonds they do not. In fact, they were better able to retain the drug for a longer period of time. Based on the studies conducted on mice, the use of nanodiamonds has shown to be more effective with fewer side effects. They were also able to administer the drugs at an elevated level without causing any harm to the mice while successfully reducing the tumors to their smallest size.

However, nanodiamonds are not just restricted to the use of cancer treatment. It can be used in other areas of medicine. For example, Dean Ho and his team found it very useful when used in conjunction with therapeutic drugs such as insulin which is used in wound-healing applications.

A lot more studies need to be done before this test can be tested on humans, but the fact that these nanodiamonds are made from the “byproducts of industrial explosions such as mining” means this technology will not cost much more than regular cancer treatment, which will come as good news for future society.

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3 responses to “Diamonds are the cure to cancer???

  1. Here’s the study:
    But nanotechnology is definitely a field that is expanding and has a lot of potential! So nanodiamonds are essentially carbon diamond-based nanostructures that have “superior physical properties and biocompatibility” and is already being used in “biomedical applications such as diamond films for robust implant coatings and fluorescent nanodiamonds as stable biomarkers”. Even though nanotechnology isn’t something that can be easily understood, the implications for its use is astounding especially when coupled with the field of medicine.
    Here is Dean Ho himself explaining how he used nanodiamonds for delivering chemotherapy:
    Super intriguing!

  2. Neat! and quite appropriate considering the upcoming month is the Canadian Cancer’s Society – cancer awareness month!

  3. So cool!
    It’s mind-boggling to think that such a seemingly primitive compound (essentially just bits of carbon) can have such an influence on the body. I wonder how they even went about finding this out?
    Nonetheless, very cool! I hope that this is just the start to a whirlwind of discoveries from what we currently view as ‘byproducts’ of numerous established procedures, to having beneficial applications across other fields within science. Sustainability at its finest 🙂