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New features Feedback : )

Thanks David and David for including RSS feed links in the sidebar as well as “Radio 522” for keeping track of recent comments!

This is an asset to stay on top of site activity. I’m wondering if it might be useful to have a brief mention on the Radio 522 page (or elsewhere) informing students how RSS feeds can be used/saved/subscribed to? I had a previous class (565A) which required the use of a feed reader, and I noticed that most classmates had never used one, or didn’t know that they could find/install a feed manager.  Might be useful to list some  browser add-ons/extensions or even apps for this?

Took me a while to realize that I could access and subscribe to the class comments feed by clicking on the feed icon in the sidebar:


I was then able to either bookmark the comments feed using my favorite feed reader for Firefox:


Now I can get new comment notifications so I don’t miss anything, which is awesome!


PS. The nested commenting tools work great now!


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