Emerging Markets

Early Childhood Learning

Young minds crave more stimulation & response than most parents, caregivers, siblings & peers can ever offer.   Parents everywhere are already entertaining even very young children with smartphone & tablet apps, and it is obvious how engaged the kids are.    How young is too young?   How much is too much?  Do we even know sufficiently about how learning happens in early childhood to author software to support it?

Opportunity Statement

Companies  marketing progressive learning into early childhood using tablets, etc, already exist, but we’re close to a tipping point of size, cost, safety, performance, interface, etc, that will transform the current focus on distraction into one of accountable development and accelerated learning.  Preschool is about to get some rocket fuel, and this will likely change the trajectory of the entire home-school market.

Prediction Source(s)

Xtreme Labs – Three Technology Trends


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