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Connected Learning

Higher education is entering a new, evolutionary phase defined by connections between everything and everyone. Connected learning is rooted in the active participation of students, instructors, advisors, and collaborators, offering the ability to connect courses, people, and resources to develop unique personalized learning pathways. This vision of education is of particular interest to those concerned with learner success and the growing role that collaboration plays in all facets of higher education. Connected learning will reshape both business and learning models in higher education, requiring not just the acquisition of knowledge but also an understanding of how to use connections to find answers, seek out mentors and experts, investigate procedures, experiment with possibilities, and develop competencies.

Opportunity Statement

Connected Learning is the intended realization of  the theory of Connectivism.   Can it be feasibly implemented in the classroom or is it part of the fragmentation of the traditional classroom and school?

Prediction Source(s)

Educause – Connected Learning


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