Emerging Markets

Experience Design

You’ve heard of product design, graphic design, fashion design, architecture, etc, but Experience Design is the invisible frontier of human engagement.  As mobile technologies continue to get smaller and more capable, they are beginning to disappear from our physical awareness without letting go of our attention – in fact, they are cleverly meshing our physical and digital worlds into an integrated and augmented attention that can be interwoven with ‘stories’ to enhance our purpose, presence, sociability, etc.

Opportunity Statement

Experience Design is what mobile technologies were born to enable.  We have lived so long with the monolithic linear narratives that were the best experiences our other media have been able to deliver, that the opportunity of authoring open, social, synchronous, real-world narratives is unliteral and unnatural for us.  Welcome to the new natural, if you’re bold enough to author it.  The opportunities for learning are breathtaking.

Prediction Source(s)

WIRED – Design & The Digital World


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