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Weekly A2 Forecasts have dissappeared out of the nav menu/category

All of the the weekly A2 forecasts have disappeared out of their category archive. I logged in to check in on the Week 10 forecast discussion and couldn’t find it any longer! It looks like clicking on anything under the “Forums” category brings up a list of website suggestions being ranked rather than bringing up the requested stream. For anyone normally going to the “Forums > W05/12 Opportunity Forecasts (A2)” as a part of their routine to find the weekly launchpads,  W10 Launchpad, it is located here. Where/how should we be looking for the weekly OER presentations and activities now?



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Q & A: VideoScribe Emerg

I know there are a lot of people in this course with diverse experience using video tools online – so I wanted to pick your brain. I have a video due for another course, and used videoscribe (7 day trial, and i have two days left) — for my initial video, it allowed me to upload it to Youtube. The second video, I wanted to upload to Youtube today and the option was gone…

I am trying to figure out another way to give my professor access… I uploaded it to the Scribes online account, but it still does not allow anyone to view it…
This is new territory for me, so I was hoping someone would know more.

Any info would be great ASAP! thanks,

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Hi David(s),

Is there any way that I can create a subpage for our week. I can’t seem to do it with the permissions I have.

I’d like to keep everything in one place so people are clear where they post and how.




W5/12 Opportunity Forcasts (A2)

Week 12 – Wearables

522 Feedback, Question and Answer

Website suggestion – 522 anatomy helpful?

As a website feedback suggestion (tagged in the 522 feedback category) I’m wondering if an “anatomy of 522” image might be helpful? I know this is explained with text and images in the intro, but maybe a simple anatomy is more clear?

The biggest learn curve and complication is that “posts” refer to something different in the WP environment (they create separate artifact/post pages), whereas “comments” and “reviews” add  commentary to an existing “post.”  It can be  confusing when we need to submit a post versus a review. In this case, students may refer to the “how to use this blog page”  and see only instructions on how to create a new ‘post’ when what they need to do is submit a review on the bottom of an article/post.

Maybe in the next evolution there is an explanation of reviews on the “how to use this blog” page, and/or more elaboration in weekly tasks to submit reviews using the reviews feature (located at the bottom of a post)?

Anatomy of 522

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W07: Review

Hi Team W07,
First, I was struck by the look and feel of your site. It is clean, polished and easy to navigate. I have an interest in coding, having tried my hand at several tools, so I really enjoyed the variety of activities. Activity 3 that takes a look at the opportunity horizons of various applications is very useful. I appreciate the wide selection of applications and know that I will be revisiting your site to explore further. Thanks for putting the OER together and for taking the time to respond to each comment posted. Great job!

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Review: Week 7

Week 7 — I loved your website, I loved the layout and the detail to provider the user (me) with instructions to navigate. I really enjoyed the diverse information, hyperlinking, incorporation of images and elaborate discussion. I applaud your group for the flow and cohesion that the site and information had, because I like many of our classmates understand how challenging it can be to get that cohesion when working with others at such a distance. I feel like I got a lot of your site, for me code is a whole different world, it is intimidating and I often am deterred to explore further, but your site was very welcoming.

Great job!

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Creative Commons Image Attribution :)

In the spirit of our last Week 07 “Share” Activity, I recently found this link on the Creative Commons Wiki about how to attribute Creative Commons images, and thought I’d link it here. We used a variant of it on our site. There’s really no hard and fast rule other than “be reasonable.”

Ps. It’s also worth a visit because the Creative Commons cupcakes on this page look rather yummy! ; )

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example of time-released post

I thought it might be helpful to let future groups know it’s possible to pre-schedule a draft post for release at a certain date/time. This can be very helpful for activities and links between OER and the 522 blog. For example, I can set a post for 10PM the next day. I am then able to use the draft post’s permalink (see below) to link between resources. As long as you don’t change the date, the permalink won’t change, and you can then use it to link back and forth. Also it’s important to note that while the post is still unpublished, it won’t “show up” (the URL won’t work) until published. Also best to double-check them after launch to be sure they are functioning correctly!




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Weekly discussions fix?

I’m currently not able to navigate to the Week 06 discussion posts because these are not available in the menu (they haven’t been added to the discussion menu yet).

The categories exist so I can categorize my post, but I can’t access the stream to read others posts and comments. They are floating off in nowhere land.  :


I know how to add these to the nav menu so they can be found more easily, but in order to do it I would need temporary extra-super-human (administrator) powers. This would only take a minute, and I’d be happy to do it for each week if I may be permitted to do so? I can also help someone else fix it. : ) Pretty please can we fix this?


Hehehehe, cheers,


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Posting a review for Week 5 group


I just want to clarify where/how I should post the review for each week (of the 4 weeks we have to review).  Is it best to do it as a new post or as a comment on the initial activity post by the group?  (hope this makes sense)  I wanted to post a review for the Cloud Based App group but want to make sure I do it to the correct place so they can see it.

Thank you!

Eva's Café, Question and Answer

Article: Creation of Useful Value Propositions

The article below is geared towards e-commerce specifically and perhaps doesn’t really fit our application needs, however I still found it useful (particularly in differentiating what a value proposition is and isn’t). While I might structure my value propositions much differently in the upcoming A3, there were perhaps some good points in terms of presentation with regard to clarity, brevity,  jargon/hype etc.?

Perhaps David & David might have some helpful tips to add on to this?


It occurred to me that there aren’t many resources here to help us understand the different facets of the assignments. Rather than each of us doing individual research that doesn’t enrich the community, how about we resource pool here?

Maybe we could have a new forum for sharing/pooling resources (+discussion) to help us better understand and complete the assignments? There’s a lot of conflicting “advice” on the internet regarding what makes a “good” or “bad” pitch/venture/value proposition; perhaps vetting, discussing and rating these as a group might be enlightening?

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Where do we post?


Just wondering where we should post related to this week’s suggestion.

  “The web has so many examples that you should look for yourself – and if you find something of special interest please share it in the blog: we appreciate participation and collaborative knowledge construction in this course.” The MaRS Discovery District has resources I’d like to share.


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A1 Extension please for early groups?

Hi David V. and David P.

This might be a silly question, but would it be possible for groups presenting their A2 and A1 practically at the same time to have a one week extension on A1?

With both being 25% of our grade each, it perhaps puts a bit of an unfair crunch on the groups that go first. It’s just a thought and I might be completely out-to-lunch on this, but I’ve never had two assignments of equal weight due almost on top of each other in the same class. These assignments are a major learning curve…particularly for those enrolled in more than one class.

Thanks in advance for your help on this.

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How to disable comments when needed

Just in case anyone’s looking, here’s how you disable comments in new weekly artifact posts, so reviews end up the right location:

Edit Post > (read it to make sure it’s yours first)

You have to be able to “see” the settings for “discussion” first before you can change them, so turn this on in your “Screen Options” tab at the top of the screen:


Now that you’ve turned on the options for “discussion,” scroll down and look below your post for the “discussion” box

un-check the “allow comments” field > click the “update” button your post.


Notice there’s only a “reviews” box at the bottom of this page? (This is where reviews can be recommended)

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Does anyone know how to edit a review?

Hi Everyone,

I don’t normally consider myself technologically deficient, but I can’t for the life of me find the edit button after I’ve posted. The issue stems from an earlier error I made when posting a review of LittleBits. Midway through the review, I accidentally hit the ‘enter’ key, thinking I would start a new paragraph, but instead I submitted my post.

As you can see, I now have two posts, which were just meant to be one. Is there a way I can go back an edit it? It’s not the end of the world if I can’t, but I just wanted to know for future reference.

Thanks in advance,

– Yik Wah

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Would anyone be opposed to me adding a tagcloud to the wordpress menu?

Hello Everyone,

I have had a lot of experience building wordpress sites like this one. Would anyone be opposed to me adding a tag cloud as an additional page. This would allow us to create an easy way for us to review the course content based on tags, since both comments and posts can be tagged. The user can choose where he/she thinks its better to post. However, everyone and the instructors are able to see it in one location. This could also help us build the venture lexicon when posting information that could be useful as resources later on. This also solves the confusion around where to post.

I could easily add the tags as they are in the categories. And people could feel free to add there topics as well ie: social media, 3d printing etc…

Let me know your thoughts,


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Reviews Clarification

Hi David V & David P.

Can you please clarify if our pitch reviews are supposed to appear on each individual pitch page like the following:

(so that the thumbs up feature can be used to return for the second part of activities?)

There’s a mixture of pitch reviews being done this way, and many being done as separate posts (understandably some new pitch posts contain reviews). Clarification would be extremely helpful, as students who have previously taken ETEC 565M are accustomed to rating right on the item, but others are not).

I can/will happily contribute to fixing these by copying the posts and recreating them as pulses, assigned to the correct author (with your permission if this is the case).


Also it would be helpful for those posting new artifacts for rating, to know that they should turn commenting (not pulse rating) off on the back end before publishing, so users don’t see two input boxes and post to the wrong one.


If this is forgotten, we see two inputs like in the image below:

We should be using the bottom (pulse) input, not the comments input? I’d happily volunteer to fix posts to turn off comments if this gets forgotten.


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Okay to post a pitch that’s gotten mixed reviews?

Hi David V. and David P.,

I’m wondering if its okay to post in the “pitch pool” this week, a televised pitch, something that has gotten a mixed VC pitch review? I tried to find a clip of a video that I could shorten to chop off the pitch review portion but can’t find it in a format that I’m able to shorten/crop. On the other hand, it received quite mixed VC reviews which were not entirely based on educational merit, and thought it might prompt interesting analysis?

Please let me know if the video is appropriate given that I can’t chop the reviews at the end. The video is located here:


Bobbi : )

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Opportunity Horizon- as comments or as a discussion?

Hello Everyone,

I have a couple questions.

1. I am wondering whether or not we are suppose to post the Opportunity Horizon as a post or as a comment.

2. Is there a way to format the comments/ or can we add a feature?. I want to be able to comment in a way that it is easy to read for everyone. With the amount of material we all read, I want to make it an enjoyable experience.


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Assignments 1 and 3

I would just like to clarify these assignments. If I understand correctly, these are very similar assignments except that assignment number one is done with an existing venture and assignment number two with our own original venture. Is this correct?

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Twitter info

Hello instructors!

I am asking a redundant thing here and sorry for that. I know I stumbled upon a twitter account (one of yours) somewhere in the course, but I can’t locate it again. I re-connected to my twitter and wanted to do follow you. Would you be kind to send me the contact info once again? Thanks. 🙂