Emerging Markets Poll – Thank You!

I just wanted to take a moment to appreciate your participation in the Emerging Markets Poll.

I know it felt quick & you didn’t have enough time to think about or explore the ideas involved, but that’s exactly the point.  As instructors we could have unilaterally decided everything that you “should” know in this course.  As if we should pretend to know everything.  This flash response from you is a wonderful way for David & I to recalibrate our perceptions – we always are surprised by the results, and try to learn from them.  We continue to think that you may be misguided in some of your selections, but we’re humble enough to listen, and your ideas have precipitated a set of topics & teams that are excitingly original for us as well.

Knowledge isn’t a popularity contest, nor is it a privilege of experts.  Your input helped to shape a learning journey for all of us.




Team Assignments – Emerging Markets Analysis

Team Assignments for Emerging Markets Analysis

By now you will have received your team assignment for the Emerging Market Analysis via email from your instructors.

Your instructors took a look at both the poll results and the posted comments about each identified market to help narrow down 8 topics for analysis.

The first 4 topics were clear winners and popular choices in the poll. We then had to choose 4 others that broadened the market space and included some newish topics that are very much emergent. A summary is outlined below.

Team 1 Social media in the classroom Week 5 September 30
Team 2 Apps Week 6 October 7
Team 3 Game-based learning Week 7 October 14
Team 4 Digital textbooks Week 8 October 21
Team 5 Makerspaces Week 9 October 28
Team 6 Learning analytics Week 10 November 4
Team 7 3D printing Week 11 November 11
Team 8 Connected learning Week 12 November 19

The expectations for Assignment 2 are outlined in the Startup section of the course.

If you need inspiration, you can also look back to previous iterations of ETEC 522 to see how other teams handled this assignment.

ETEC 522 – September 2011 – Archive

Of course, we’re expecting some fresh ideas from you in the 2013 iteration of the course.

Go for it.


Week 2 Kickoff

Welcome to week 2 of ETEC 522.

This week you’ll be immersing yourselves in the global marketplace for educational technologies and resources.

We’ve assembled a small library of recent research reports and market projections related to emerging technology markets (these were used to populate the poll we just completed).  You’ll explore who the customers are for educational technologies and what a venture entails.

You’ll select one (1) of the reports from the small library, review it in sufficient detail to post a concise critical analysis of it in the ETEC522 course blog, focusing on the following general criteria:

How, and how much, is it useful and valuable to the the broader community of educators, as well as learning technologies specialists and venturers?

Do you expect to seek out future versions of this report to help drive your own professional success, and also to recommend it to others in this regard?

To wrap up week 2 you’ll publish your short critique to the course blog and tag it using the Week 02: The EdTech Marketplace category so that others can find, read and respond. Beyond this posting, please review and provide constructive response where appropriate to the critical analyses posted by your classmates.

If you would prefer to offer a critical analysis of a similar report that is not on the ETEC522 list, please consult with one of your instructors.

Please note –> All critiques and responses should be posted by the end of week 2.  In order for your own critique to be responded to, it would be best to post it a few days ahead of the deadline if possible.



Week 1 Summary Thoughts

Happy Sunday All,

Thanks for all of your introductions – what an amazing group we’ve got assembled here!

There are 42 of us (including your instructors) on this journey.  A few thoughts on our first steps together, and the road ahead:

Conversations:   I’m pleased with how everyone is being convivial & concise in their postings and responses.  We also encourage everyone to experiment with images, video, infographics, etc, as a means to leap beyond text in our media environment.   Always aim for whatever is most appropriate to the message and to our learning together.

Week-to-Week Transitions: Each week of the course ends Sunday at midnight (Pacific), so that’s when you should be finished any contributions relating to the previous week, and can begin posting in relation to the next week.  Posting early or late will be considered asocial & could impact your participation grade.  The only exception to this is when materials specific to the next week’s activity are being posted by your instructors or any of the A2 teams:  Sundays from noon to midnight is an appropriate ‘move-in’ period to set up for the next week.

Assignments:   I (DavidV) will be marking A1 & A3 for everyone, meaning that David P will be marking A2 & A4.  Please direct your inquiries about these assignments to the appropriate one of us if you can.

A1:   By now you’ve probably begun thinking about your A1 topic.  Hopefully the Emerging Markets Poll activity helped you to scope out some ideas.  Don’t hesitate ask me if you are unsure.

A2:  Later today your instructors will break out the results of the Emerging Markets Poll & use these to determine the topics, teams and weeks for your A2 presentations.    If you don’t know your topic, team & week by tomorrow noon, please let DavidP know about it.

In the Flow:  Finally, if you have any questions or concerns about the course, how this WordPress platform works, or what is expected of you, don’t hesitate to ask.  You can email either of us, reply to these announcements, post in the Question & Answer category, or consult with your peers.

DavidP will be following shortly with an announcement concerning instructions for week 2.

All the best,



Please complete the poll

Good morning!

A few of you haven’t completed the Emerging Markets Poll yet.   It is your chance to shape the overall content of the course, and to drop yourself into a content focus you care about.

Remember vote positively for the 8 most opportunistic, negatively for the 8 least opportunistic, and provide a short personal perspective on the 3 most important to you.




Getting your RSS reader into play

Hello all.

One of the items we recommend when using the ETEC522 blog is to employ an RSS reader to keep track of posts and read them in an offline browser or RSS reader application that gives you ultimate flexibility. I previously posted in my welcome note some software tools to consider. I use Vienna for Mac and Feedly for my Google Nexus 7 Android tablet.


You can also find more details about using the ETEC 522 blog here:


One detail that is not always easy to find is the secret recipe for subscribing to the RSS feed for posts and comments. Every RSS reader application will have a way for you to enter the details about the blog posts you’ll want to read in a more convenient fashion.

For our ETEC 522 blogs, the key details are:


Welcome to the course!

Hi everyone! Welcome to September!

You have two instructors named David – David Vogt & David Porter.   You can reach us whenever you wish at david DOT vogt AT ubc DOT ca and dporter AT bccampus DOT ca via email, or by using the message system in this weblog.

Rather than two concurrent sections of the course, we’ve combined everyone in order to get some crowdsourcing happening. We’re therefore a big group, which is why building a presence for yourself through good postings will be essential to your success. However, given the group size, be smart (and courteous!) – make all of your postings brief and valuable.

A few important points about this WordPress environment we’re going to share:

  • appropriate to the innovative spirit of ETEC522, we’re always trying something new. Please walk through “How To Use This Weblog” under the 1. Startup tab above to understand how this environment works.
  • it’s not an experiment if it doesn’t fail sometimes, so let us know when something isn’t working, or contact the MET support crew.
  • when you introduce yourself you don’t need to reveal your external email as we did above because we’re all connected via private email within this system. However, that’s one of the few things that are private. Please be aware at all times that your postings here are public – conduct yourselves accordingly. And if you do reveal your email, use a convention like I’ve done above.

Here’s your job list for this first week:

  1. Carefully review everything about this course and what is expected of you by making your way through all of the section under the Startup tab above. Let us know immediately if anything isn’t clear, or if you have questions.
  2. Complete Activity #1A – Introduce Yourself!
  3. Complete Activity #1B – Emerging Markets Poll
  4. Notify me (DavidV) by email if you have a special interest in any of the emerging market topics – if so I can try to assign you (no guarantees) to the appropriate team for Assignment #2.

Please enjoy the course – I’m really looking forward to your contributions!