Team Assignments – Emerging Markets Analysis

Team Assignments for Emerging Markets Analysis

By now you will have received your team assignment for the Emerging Market Analysis via email from your instructors.

Your instructors took a look at both the poll results and the posted comments about each identified market to help narrow down 8 topics for analysis.

The first 4 topics were clear winners and popular choices in the poll. We then had to choose 4 others that broadened the market space and included some newish topics that are very much emergent. A summary is outlined below.

Team 1 Social media in the classroom Week 5 September 30
Team 2 Apps Week 6 October 7
Team 3 Game-based learning Week 7 October 14
Team 4 Digital textbooks Week 8 October 21
Team 5 Makerspaces Week 9 October 28
Team 6 Learning analytics Week 10 November 4
Team 7 3D printing Week 11 November 11
Team 8 Connected learning Week 12 November 19

The expectations for Assignment 2 are outlined in the Startup section of the course.

If you need inspiration, you can also look back to previous iterations of ETEC 522 to see how other teams handled this assignment.

ETEC 522 – September 2011 – Archive

Of course, we’re expecting some fresh ideas from you in the 2013 iteration of the course.

Go for it.


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