Team Assignments – Emerging Markets Analysis

Team Assignments for Emerging Markets Analysis

By now you will have received your team assignment for the Emerging Market Analysis via email from your instructors.

Your instructors took a look at both the poll results and the posted comments about each identified market to help narrow down 8 topics for analysis.

The first 4 topics were clear winners and popular choices in the poll. We then had to choose 4 others that broadened the market space and included some newish topics that are very much emergent. A summary is outlined below.

Team 1 Social media in the classroom Week 5 September 30
Team 2 Apps Week 6 October 7
Team 3 Game-based learning Week 7 October 14
Team 4 Digital textbooks Week 8 October 21
Team 5 Makerspaces Week 9 October 28
Team 6 Learning analytics Week 10 November 4
Team 7 3D printing Week 11 November 11
Team 8 Connected learning Week 12 November 19

The expectations for Assignment 2 are outlined in the Startup section of the course.

If you need inspiration, you can also look back to previous iterations of ETEC 522 to see how other teams handled this assignment.

ETEC 522 – September 2011 – Archive

Of course, we’re expecting some fresh ideas from you in the 2013 iteration of the course.

Go for it.


Week 2 Kickoff

Welcome to week 2 of ETEC 522.

This week you’ll be immersing yourselves in the global marketplace for educational technologies and resources.

We’ve assembled a small library of recent research reports and market projections related to emerging technology markets (these were used to populate the poll we just completed).  You’ll explore who the customers are for educational technologies and what a venture entails.

You’ll select one (1) of the reports from the small library, review it in sufficient detail to post a concise critical analysis of it in the ETEC522 course blog, focusing on the following general criteria:

How, and how much, is it useful and valuable to the the broader community of educators, as well as learning technologies specialists and venturers?

Do you expect to seek out future versions of this report to help drive your own professional success, and also to recommend it to others in this regard?

To wrap up week 2 you’ll publish your short critique to the course blog and tag it using the Week 02: The EdTech Marketplace category so that others can find, read and respond. Beyond this posting, please review and provide constructive response where appropriate to the critical analyses posted by your classmates.

If you would prefer to offer a critical analysis of a similar report that is not on the ETEC522 list, please consult with one of your instructors.

Please note –> All critiques and responses should be posted by the end of week 2.  In order for your own critique to be responded to, it would be best to post it a few days ahead of the deadline if possible.



Getting your RSS reader into play

Hello all.

One of the items we recommend when using the ETEC522 blog is to employ an RSS reader to keep track of posts and read them in an offline browser or RSS reader application that gives you ultimate flexibility. I previously posted in my welcome note some software tools to consider. I use Vienna for Mac and Feedly for my Google Nexus 7 Android tablet.


You can also find more details about using the ETEC 522 blog here:


One detail that is not always easy to find is the secret recipe for subscribing to the RSS feed for posts and comments. Every RSS reader application will have a way for you to enter the details about the blog posts you’ll want to read in a more convenient fashion.

For our ETEC 522 blogs, the key details are:


Howdy! DavidP here…

Welcome ETEC 522 students. We’re looking forward to working with you all over the next 13 weeks.

A good part of the curriculum and content for ETEC 522 is generated through collaborative engagement during this course. We welcome your ideas and are eager to see how the class will steer the direction of the 2013 version.

One of my first recommendations would be for you to consider an offline RSS reader, a web browser RSS plugin, or an app for iPad or Android to help you manage your reading of both course content and colleague interactions.

A few are listed below. I use a Mac, iPad and Android tablet so, I’ve equipped all my gear for the task.

Please choose your own RSS reader and configure it right away with the course URL:

We look forwarding to interacting with you all.