Hola from Bogotá, Colombia!

Hello Everyone,
My name is Ashley and I am originally from Vancouver, but I have been living/working in Bogotá for the last three years. This is my final  final MET course along with 490 and I am sure it will be a great experience to end with! I teach IB English Literature and work as Technology Integration Coach. Next year I hope to build upon my MET learning and will be working full-time as a High School Technology Integrator in Brussels. MET has really helped me find a career path that works well for me.

A few years back I worked at a software development company and while I enjoyed the technological side of things, I missed teaching.  It is great to be able to combine my interest in technology with my love of teaching and curriculum development. Hopefully this course will allow to explore that in a different light!

I am really looking forward to working with you all in this course and sharing our ideas!



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