In this section of my site, I post some of my workshop materials and resources so you may adapt them for your purposes. Unless otherwise indicated, all work is Creative Commons Licensed as Attribution-Non Commercial-Share Alike.

I update this section of my website irregularly. However, I often share resources and materials through my Twitter account or via LinkedIn. I welcome you to connect with me through those platforms.

Resources (themes)


Course Design

In collaboration with CTLT colleagues, we have developed extensive resources and plans for a 3-day course design intensive.  For a link to all the wiki-related CDI resources, see here.

Educational Leadership

Educational Leadership Myths – A short document outlining myths and the (counter) ‘truth’.

Educational Leadership Session at 2017 POD Network Conference Session (with Simon Bates & Simon Albon) – resources.

Simon Bates (@simonbates), Simon Albon and I offered a session titled “Using Your Teaching Portfolio to Showcase Your Educational Leadership” in 2016. All resources are open source and available here:

Facilitative Teaching

  • Lesson plan, slides, and handouts for a short session that my colleague, Lucas Wright, and I facilitated on “Facilitative Teaching” (i.e., using facilitation skills in teaching in post-secondary)

Mastermind Groups in Higher Education

I have co-facilitated two different mastermind groups in higher education and been a part of many more than that. Here are some blog posts with linked resources on the topic:

Starting a mastermind group (an introduction to these groups)

6 tips for starting a mastermind group in higher education

Peer Review of Teaching

  • Videos for building skill and capacity in peer review of teaching can be found on the CTLT Youtube Peer Review playlist here.
  • Teaching in Higher Education Podcast interview (Drs. Bonni Stachowiak and Isabeau Iqbal)
  • Public talk at Simon Fraser University (2018): (1 hour recording); download the presentation handout here.
  • CTLT resources (open sourced) – see process section of website

Questions to Foster Stronger Student Learning

In 2019, I co-facilitated a session on questioning techniques for the CTLT Summer Institute with John Pringle (faculty member at Vantage College).  The resources are here and are all creative commons and available for use:

Significant Networks and Social Network Theory