Over the years, I have developed and facilitated dozens of workshops. I want to share these and this section of my site is devoted to doing that!*

In this section of my site, I offer you my workshop materials and resources so you may adapt them for your purposes. Unless otherwise indicated, all work is Creative Commons Licensed as Attribution-Non Commercial-Share Alike.

*This section of my site is new as of October 2016 and I am in the  process of building it. For now, the resources are simply linked to the topics below.

Resources (themes)


Course Design

In collaboration with CTLT colleagues, we have developed extensive resources and plans for a 3-day course design intensive. Day 1, to which I contributed in the December 2016 offering of the CDI, has resources on big ideas, learner-centered approaches, and backward design. It also has activities used during Day 1 of the CDI. See here. Many thanks to Cindy Underhill (@cindyu) for all her work on previous (and future!) offerings and for setting up the wiki.

For a link to all the wiki-related CDI resources, see here.

Educational Leadership

In December 2016, Simon Bates (@simonbates), Simon Albon and I offered a session titled “Using Your Teaching Portfolio to Showcase Your Educational Leadership”. All resources are open source and available here:

Peer Review of Teaching

Significant Networks and Social Network Theory


Preparing for a job interview

In November 2016, I was invited by Dr. Amanda Bradley to give a guest “lecture” (it was a highly interactive class) to 20 undergraduate students on the topic of preparing for a job interview. Course PATH408: Laboratory Administration.