Historians Against the War: Links to Recent Articles of Interest

Historians Against the War: Links to Recent Articles of Interest

“Serial Catastrophes in Afghanistan Threaten Obama Policy”
By Juan Cole, Informed Comment web site, posted January 4

The $30bn Pair of Underpants
By Mark LeVine, Aljazeera.net, posted January 4

“Obama’s Post-Modern War of Attrition”
By Andrew Bacevich, CounterPunch, January 1-3 edition, originally published in New York Daily News

“Catcher’s Mitt: Obama, Pakistan and the Afghan Wars to Come”
By Graham Usher, Middle East Report Online, posted December 31

“The Moment That Changed Afghanistan”
By Stephen Kinzer, The Guardian, posted December 28

“The Revolution Will Be Mercantilized”
By Ali Ansari, The National Interest online, Posted December 21
on the Revolutionary Guard in Iran; the author teaches history at St. Andrews University

“The Best Argument for the Afghan War – and What’s Wrong with It”
By Jon Wiener, The Nation blog, posted December 17

“Obama’s Indecent Interval: Despite the U.S. President’s Pleas to the Contrary, the War in Afghanistan Looks More Like Vietnam than Ever”
By Thomas H. Johnson and M. Chris Mason, Foreign Policy, December 10

“Was Kosovo the Good War?”
By David Gibbs, Tikkun, July-August 2009
The author teaches history and government at the University of Arizona

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