Cultural Logic

Cultural Logic is a non-profit, peer-reviewed, inter-disciplinary journal that publishes essays, interviews, poetry, reviews (books, films, other media), etc. by writers working within the Marxist tradition. Cultural Logic resides on the EServer—a growing online community where hundreds of writers, artists, editors and scholars gather to publish works as open archives, available free of charge to readers. is a free, nonprofit publishing cooperative that publishes more than thirty thousand writings in the arts and humanities to more than thirty thousand visitors per day (over a million readers per month), making it the most popular humanities website in the world. Cultural Logic is edited by: David Siar, Gregory Meyerson, James Neilson, Martha Gimenez, Rich Gibson, E. Wayne Ross, and Joe Ramsey.

Check the special issue of Cultural Logic, Marxism and Education, edited by Rich Gibson and E. Wayne Ross and look for the forthcoming special issue “Marxism and Education: International Perspectives on Education for Revolution.”

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