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Public Good with Shannon Moore & Stephen Hurley (September 22, 2023). Podcast on VoiceEd Radio. Public conversations about privatization of education.

Documento (June 6-7, 2020). Μπορούμε να πάρουμε μαθήματα από τους δρόμους [We can learn lessons from the streets], p. 37.

Globe and Mail (March 20, 2020). Interviewed Caroline Alphonso and quoted on issue of teaching children at home during the COVID-19 pandemic. “What does school look like without the classroom?”

CBC News (September 1, 2019). Interviewed and quoted regarded alternative and democratic schools aims and history by reporter Maryse Zeidler, “No grades, no curriculum: Parents lobby for ‘democratic’ school in Vancouver.”

The Ubyssey  (October 30, 2018). New UBC Faculty Association bylaws could weaken financial accountability, power to investigate.

The Atlantic (October 27, 2018). To prevent loneliness, start in the classroom.  Ashley Fetters quotes my work on teaching history and civics from multiple perspectives to foster empathy and quell alienation among diverse groups of students.

The Ubyssey (May 1, 2018). Accused of bullying, harassment by UBC Faculty Association, Okanagan prof now faces staff complaint.

The Ubyssey (April 12, 2018). ‘We need to be heard’: UBCO professor elected to Faculty Association after polarizing election. Interviewed by David Nixon on UBCFA election and relationship with members.

The Ubyssey (March 24, 2018). UBC’s Faculty Association is corrupt and must change, say professors. Interviewed by David Nixon on UBCFA election and relationship with members.

Revelstoke Review (March 17, 2018). UBCO prof feels wrath of criticizing faculty executive: Peter Wylie says free speech stifled by ‘academic mobbing’ by Barry Geerding.

Documento. (October 22, 2017, p. 43). Oι επικίνδυνοι πολίτες σώζουν τη δημοκρατία [Dangerous Citizens Save Democracy. Anna Papadimitriou interviews E. Wayne Ross].

Abdelmoumen, M. (2017, August 10). An interview with Dr. Wayne Ross: The fear created by precarious existence in the neoliberal world discourages critical thinking. American Herald Tribune. Retrieved from [Interview also published in French at Algérie Résistance: and Palestine Solidarité:]

Documento (July 2, 2017, pps. 33-35). Ο νεοφιλελευθερισμός εισβάλλει σε σχολεια και πανεπιστημια [Neoliberalism invades schools and universities]. Interviewed by Anna Papadimitriou for an article on International Conference on Critical Education in Athens, Greece, where I gave a keynote address. Article includes side bar summary of my talk.

CBC Radio One, The 180 with Jim Brown (October 4, 2015). Interviewed by Jim Brown on the corporatization of the university and Telus/University of Victoria MBA program; Do private programs belong in public universities?

Roundhouse Radio 98.3 (Vancouver, BC, October 2, 2015). Half-hour interview by Minelle Mahtani on her show “Sense of Place” about issues of race and place.

CFAX 1070 (Victoria, BC, August 21, 2015). Half-hour live, on-air interview with host Pamela McCall about the leadership crisis and academic freedom at UBC.

CBC Vancouver, News at 6 (August 17, 2015). Interviewed by Pierre Martineau on departure of Arvind Gupta as UBC president and Prof. Jennifer Berdahl’s claim that UBC Board of Governors Chair John Montalbano violated her academic freedom.

CBC Radio Vancouver, Early Edition (August 11, 2015). Interviewed by host Rick Cluff on the circumstances relevant to the unexpected resignation of University of British Columbia president Arvind Gupta.

The Courier-Journal (Louisville, KY, February 5, 2015). Interviewed and quoted in article on University of Louisville provost’s decision-making with regard to former dean Robert Felner, including his criminal activity and abusive treatment of university employees (“Willihnganz stepping down as U of L provost”).

CBC Radio / The 180 With Jim Brown. Interviewed by Kathryn Marlow on corporate sponsorship in schools (particularly the Chevron “Fuel Your Schools” program). November 4, 2014.

The Tyee (October 28, 2014). “Too many teachers?”

The Globe and Mail (September 19, 2014) interviewed by reporter Andrea Woo on winners and losers in the BC teacher strike.

Interviewed by CBC Radio producer Charlie Chu on winners and losers from BC teachers settlement. (September 17, 2014).

CBC Radio One, “Early Edition” (September 17, 2014). Replay and discussion of my comments on BCTF-government agreement from previous day.

The Vancouver Sun (September 17, 2014). Tentative deal with teachers a ‘historic’ moment in labour relations, Clark says; Others not so sure, with class size and composition still unresolved.

The Vancouver Sun (September 17, 2014). “B.C. schools could reopen by Monday after ‘historic’ deal reached with teachers.”

The Vancouver Sun (September 16, 2014). Interviewed by Rob Shaw for stories on the tentative agreement between the BC Teachers’ Federation and government.

CBC TV British Columbia (September 16, 2014). Interviewed for News at 11 on teachers’ strike/settlement and what it means for the future.

CBC Radio One “On The Coast” (September 16, 2014). Interviewed by Stephen Quinn on the lessons learned from the BC teachers’ dispute with government.

The Vancouver Courier (September 12, 2014). Interviewed by Cheryl Rossi on a variety of issues related to the BC teachers’ strike. “B.C. government ready to legislate?”

CBC TV British Columbia (September 8, 2014). Interviewed on the implications of the government’s rejection of BCTF offer to enter into binding arbitration to resolve province wide teacher strike.

The Vancouver Sun (September 7/8, 2014). Interviewed by Joanne Lee-Young and quoted in article by Lee-Young and Tracy Sherlock, “School board voices frustration as government closes door on binding arbitration.”

ICI Radio Canada (September 7, 2014). On camera interview reported by Etienne Racine on prospects for teacher dispute following BC government’s refusal to enter binding arbitration with British Columbia Teachers Federation.

CBC TV British Columbia (September 7, 2014). On camera interview with Richard Zussman on prospects for teacher dispute following BC government’s refusal to enter binding arbitration with British Columbia Teachers Federation.

The Vancouver Sun (September 5, 2014). Interview with Tracey Sherlock on BCTF proposal for binding arbitration to end BC teacher strike.

The Canadian Press (September 5, 2014). Interviewed by Maria Babbage on teacher pay for student performance schemes and quoted in articles in Globe and Mail, Global TV and other media outlets.

Sher-E-Punjab Radio AM 1550, Richmond, BC (September 3, 2014). Interviewed on BC teachers’ strike by Dr. Jasbir Romana.

The Vancouver Sun (September 3, 2014). Interviewed by Rob Shaw (Legislative Reporter) on political pressures on government and teachers union; and timeframe for a settlement. “B.C. teachers may be called to vote on future of strike.”

CTV News (September 2, 2014). Interviewed by reporter Scott Roberts on BC teachers dispute including issues bargaining issues; political pressures on government and teachers union; and timeframe for a settlement.

CBC TV News Vancouver (September 2, 2014). Interviewed in studio by Renee Fillippone on current contexts of teacher dispute and potential for resolution.

CBC Radio Vancouver, BC Almanac (September 2, 2014). In studio guest interviewed by Mark Forsyth about the BC teacher dispute; analysis context; potential length of strike; funding of education in BC.

The Vancouver Sun (September 2, 2014). Interviewed by reporter Larry Pynn and quoted in “Analysis: Government plan is to outlast teachers:Victoria is determined to get a contract that nullifies teachers’ court victories on class size and class composition.”

CBC News Vancouver at 6 and 11 (August 31, 2014). Interviewed by Farrah Merali on question of who benefits from BC teachers’ strike strike/negotiation impasse.

CBC Radio Vancouver Early Edition (August 28, 2014). Live, on air interview with Stephen Quinn about BC teachers dispute, public relations battle between government and British Columbia Teachers Federation, government funding of education

CTV (August 26, 2014). Background interview on BC teachers dispute; how other provinces address class size and composition guidelines (collective bargaining versus legislation.

Sher-E-Punjab Radio AM 1550, Richmond, BC (July 11, 2014). Interviewed on class size in British Columbia public schools by Dr. Jasbir Romana on the show “Shamadaan.”

CBC Radio, The Current (July 10, 2014). Interviewed on class size research and related education policy in British Columbia. Thirty-minute segment included exchange with Russ Whitehurst of Brookings Institute.

CBC Radio (July 3, 2014), background interview with Jeff Turner, producer for The Current, on class size research and the politics of education policy.

CFNR (Canada’s First Nations Radio). (June 30, 2014). Interviewed on BC teachers strike developments on the last day that the government’s offer of $1,200 signing bonus was in effect.

Prince George Citizen (June 10, 2014). Small class sizes cost-effective in the long run, p. A6. Letter by Debra Page summarizes my interview with Global BC Morning News and CBC Daybreak North interview.

The Globe and Mail (June 4, 2014). B.C. teacher considering full scale strike. Interviewed and quote on the LRB ruling on BC government lockout of teachers and BCTF response.

Global BC Morning News (June 3, 2014). Participated in town hall discussion on issues related to BC education and the relationship between BCTF, BC government, and general public, focusing on class size and composition issues.

CBC British Columbia, “Daybreak North.” (June 3, 2014). Interviewed on issues of class size and composition in context of labor disputes and collective bargaining between BCTF and BC government.

CFNR (Canada’s First Nations Radio). (June 2, 2014). Interviewed on context and implications of BC teacher strike, government lockout and pay cuts to teachers.

The Vancouver Sun (May 20, 2014). “BC teachers to be rotating strikes next week.” Interviewed on impact of labor tension and strikes on BC schools; strategies of BCTF and BC government in collective bargaining.

CBC Radio, As It Happens, (May 7, 2014). Interviewed by Carol Off regarding B.C. government paying a teenager fresh out of high school $16,000 to write a report on Finland’s education system and subsequent investigation.

National Post (May 7, 2014). “B.C.’s ‘superintendent of achievement’ under fire for commissioning $16K education report from 19-year-old he met at wedding.”

CBC News Vancouver at 6 (May 6, 2014). “$16K given to B.C. ten to write report: 17-year-old Anjali Vyas researched teacher education in Finland.”

Times-Colonist (May 6, 2014). “B.C. blasted for paying teen $1,122 per page for report on teacher education in Finland.”

The Georgia Straight (April 25, 2013). “Candidates should discuss free postsecondary education, say critics.” Interviewed and quoted in news story by Carlito Pablo on the postsecondary education tuition policies and platforms in the context of the 2013 BC provincial elections.

CBC Radio, One-Eighty with Jim Brown (February 6, 2013). Interview on politics in the classroom.

Vancouver Courier (June 10, 2010). Interviewed on the politics of the Vancouver School Board budget and advocacy of trustees. “Politically Correct? The comptroller general’s scathing report on the Vancouver School Board criticizes trustees for wasting time on advocacy at the expense of financial management. Trustees like board chair Patti Bacchus say both responsibilities carry equal weight,” article by Naoibh O’Connor.

Monthly Review, Notes from the Editors (October 2008). Commentary on article co-authored with Rich Gibson, “No Child Left Behind and The Imperial Project” from CounterPunch, February 2, 2007.

Inside Higher Ed, (September 2008). Background interview on faculty governance and grievance processes with Jack Stripling.

Inside Higher Ed (August 1, 2007). Topic: Impact of distance education and for-profit models on higher education; Interviewed by Scott Jaschik.

KZUM 89.3FM, Room 101 (Lincoln, Nebraska, United States; March 14, 2007) Topic: Schooling and war; Interviewed by Michael Baker,

The Vancouver Sun (June 16, 2006, p. B1). Interviewed and quoted for article on gay issues in the British Columbia school curriculum, “Gay guarantees for provincial curriculum.”

Lexington Herald-Leader (KY), (March 17, 2003, p. A8). Subject of op-ed article by US Secretary of Education Rod Paige, “Bush Education Law Will Help Black Students.”

Key source for article “Making the grade: How to find the school that will give your child an A-plus education,” by Barbara Myerson Katz in Louisville Magazine, November 2003.

Radio One/American Urban Radio Network (satellite radio broadcast covering entire USA), George Wilson Show, (June 3, 2002). Featured guest on the discussing corporate influence on educational reform efforts in USA and worldwide.

WSKG (PBS affiliate, Channel 46, Binghamton, NY), Direct Line (May 24, 2001). Guest panelist discussing the impact of high-stakes testing on students, teaching, and education.

WHPC (90.3 FM, Garden City, NY), Parenting 2000 (February 26, 2001). Interviewed by Mary Addams Schaeffer, on problems of standards-based education reform and high-stakes testing in schools.

WORT (89.9 FM, Madison, WI), A Public Affair (September 7, 1999). Interviewed on role of standardized testing in US schools.


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