Final marks, papers & farewell!

Final marks are in. The class average is a little on the high side (86% or A), but you’ve earned it! For the final paper, the class average was 83% or A-, with a range of 63% (C) to 95% (A+). Many fine papers – it was a treat to read them – and a few might be worth submitting for publication, in my opinion.

Thanks to everyone for a great class – engaging discussions, your creative journals and assignments. Please keep in touch! E-mail is best, either hgmorris at gmail dot com or hgmorris at sfu dot ca (I check the latter more regularly).

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Class journals & more

Here are links to the ~ very creative! ~ class OJS journals, and links to interesting stuff suggested by a student – if you have more suggestions, let me know!

Open excess

Our journal of perpetual sorrow: student edition

Quest: exploring scholarly trends

Test proceedings of local geniuses

Unlocking knowledge through open access

Possibly of interest:

The prestigious Indian Institute of Science recently released their repository – with over 10 thousand items already! An inspiration to us all.

The Open Access Map is a vivid illustration of the global reach of the open access movement.

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Class presentations

Great presentations so far, everyone!

Here are links to some presentations:

Adedoyin Adenuga Functions of Scholarly Journals

Florian Ehrensperger Reading the Electronic Book

Will Engle A wiki is a tool for distributed collaboration (PPTX) A wiki is a tool for distributed collaboration (PDF)

Sarah Fallik
Part One: Potential Benefits of Libraries Embracing the Role of Publishers, Project Euclid, and MPublishing
Part Two: Bodleian Library Publishing, Open Access Journal Publishing Resource Index, Future of Library Publishing

Leah Hopton Open Monograph Press

Mayu Ishida & QinQin Zhangs Research Data Management for Academic Libraries

Andre Iwanchuk Open access and engineering

Danielle LaFrance Precarious Labour: Authorship, Authenticity, and Digital Reproduction

Ashley Leonard’s online presentation on Institutional Repositories: Orbi / University of Liege Case Study
Part I
Part II

Schulyer Lindberg The Effectiveness of Open Access Institutional Mandates

Dana Logalbo-Baij Digitization of Historical Materials

Erol Olcay Financial barriers and solutions

Marty Rose Commercial Scholarly Publishing in an Age of Transition

We have a request for links to the other presentations – which I would like to second! I hope many of the presenters to date will give some serious thought to submitting proposals for conference presentations! If this is of interest, of course please make your presentation available through your OJS journal, and also consider sending me a link – or the presentation to upload – to share through this blog.

Online presentation option: anyone else wishing to pursue this option, please let me know for planning purposes. One option for technology is the free tool Screenr which Ashley used (note you’ll need a microphone for the sound). Another possibility for a powerpoint is to use the notes portion of your powerpoint for text. Then print your powerpoint as a PDF, as notes pages – this gives you a PDF with the powerpoint slide at the top and text notes at the bottom.

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June 7th powerpoint – emerging trends

June 7 powerpoint – updated June 9th

Also highly recommended: Hans Rosling shows the best stats you’ve ever seen – 20 minute TED talk

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June 2 powerpoint & notes

Chuck Eckman’s powerpoint

June 2 – Heather’s notes . These are key points and links to a few sources only, designed to draw out some key themes from my chapter on this topic, and add a few new items. These notes are pretty sketchy, if you need more detail please send me an e-mail. Note that there is a news item at the top which I forgot to mention in class.

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May 31 powerpoints

Ingrid Parent’s presentation

Heather’s powerpoint / Sherpa RoMEO demo
May 31 powerpoint

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The Access Copyright Backlash: Writers Union of Canada Calls for Collective Licensing Reform

This post by Michael Geist may be of interest with reference to a discussion at a previous class, and is of relevance to the topic for class of Tuesday, May 31 (on author’s rights and copyright).

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May 26 powerpoints

Brian Owen has sent the powerpoint presented to class May 26:


and another one on SFU Library publishing recently presented at the University of Utah:

My powerpoint for May 26 (only part shown in class) can be found below. Those interested in peer review may find some of the sources mentioned later on in the powerpoint of interest.

May 26 LIBR 559L presentation

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Term paper and presentation – resources

Now that you have handed in your term paper outline, what next? First thing that you’ll need to do is to sign up for a date to do your presentation on the class wiki, which, due to class size, should be limited to 8 to 10 minutes.  If you are talking about scholarly monographs or emerging trends / formats, please sign up for June 7th as this fits with the topic that day.  Otherwise, most presentations will be on June 9th or 14th (maximum 15 on any one day).  If you would prefer another class day, that can be accommodated.

Attached are a description of how the term paper is marked and my marking sheet for the presentations.  For an example of a paper that is about the right level of work and length, see Morrison, H., & Waller, A. Open access and evolving scholarly communication: An overview of library advocacy and commitment, institutional repositories, and publishing in Canada, 2008. In College & Research Libraries News. American Library Association. pp.486-490, available in E-LIS at For other examples, see the Theory / Research section of Partnership: the Canadian Journal of Library and Information Practice , from volume 1 to 3:1, when I was the editor of this section.

LIBR 559L Term Paper Marking

Presentation Marking Sheet 1

Resources for term papers

Some peer-reviewed journals that frequently publish articles on the topic of scholarly communication:

  • College and Research Libraries
  • Journal of Electronic Publishing
  • First Monday
  • Learned Publishing

Grey literature is often important in this area, for example, scholarly societies, library or publisher associations, and sometimes governments and funders commission reports on scholarly communications, sometimes quite substantial reports.  A few places to look:

  • Scholarly Publishing and Academic Resources Coalition (SPARC)
  • ACRL, ARL, or CARL pages on scholarly communication
  • Association of Learned and Professional Society Publishers
  • Open Access Scholarly Publishers’ Association
  • American Association of University Presses
  • Canadian Association of Learned Journals (CALJ)
  • UK – JISC (Joint Information Systems Committee), RIN (Research Information Network)
  • PEER: Publishing and the Ecology of European Research
  • STM: International Association of Scientific, Technical, and Medical Publishers (mostly commercial)

The Open Access Directory features a bibliography of open access.  The Open Access Tracking Project is a way of sharing links to news items as they emerge. Both are community-built resources; if you find something that should be here but isn’t, please register (it’s easy) and add it!

Charles Bailey maintains extensive bibliographies at Digital Scholarship.

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Dove Medical Press – Peer Review Guidelines

This evening I am having difficulty connecting with the Dove Medical Press’ Peer Review Guidelines, which are required reading for tomorrow. Please find attached a copy that I downloaded about a month or so ago, just in case of a situation like this.  See you tomorrow!

Dove Press – Peer Review Guidelines

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