Libin Abraham

Libin adjustedAbout me:
I am a joint postdoc for Prof. Mike Gold and Prof. Dan Coombs and am the VP-Operations of UBC PDA. I did my PhD from University of Heidelberg, Germany. My current research is to understand molecular basis of priming mechanisms in B cells.
On the personal side, I consider myself as a fun-loving and enthusiastic person. I enjoy nature and my hobbies are traveling and photography.
My goals for UBC PDA:
My main aims for this year are the following:

  1. Creating teaching opportunities for postdoctoral fellows
    Working closely with PDA and my supervisor, I was able to bring forward teaching opportunities for post docs in dept. of Microbiology and Immunology last year. As a part of professional development for post docs, my aim for this year is to extend my efforts in creating similar teaching opportunities for postodcs in other departments in life sciences.
  2. Work as a team and assist and support PDA in all their activities.
  3. To perform all duties of VP-Operations as described in constitution.